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Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Ron Paul, the One Who "Planted the Grassroots!"

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ABC News: Ron Paul Credits Jon Stewart

Video: 1,000 Show for NH Campaign HQ Opening - Praises Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart Video on Vimeo

Here it is on Vimeo in fantastic quality (the Comedy Central Video is only viewable to US viewers)


Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

At work now

But I will send Jon Stewart a big thank you email later. So awesome!

There's a lot of Democrats on Reddit

..And they are all saying they are going to register republican and vote for Dr. Paul! This is awesome.

What a way...

... to wake up to the day. Terrific boost. Thanks for the "comment" linked. I thanked Jon.

Plano TX

This is amazing.

I think I'm gonna write a letter to Jon Stewart right now.
This guy is funny and smart. And his team made an excellent job compiling all the BS from the MSM.

Daily Show

The Daily Show Facebook page has a discussion section where comments can be posted!

Use this video...

as a way to reach out. I've already downloaded the video and placed it in my phone to show to people. Jon Stewart gave us a gift and I plan on using it when talking to people about Ron Paul. This is juicy stuff that gets peoples eyes to open.

If you can download the video off the Media-ite website, you will have the full 8+ minute video. You can cut the video to the section that he starts to talk about Ron Paul which cuts out about 4 minutes of the video. I have both versions.

I'm at work and

am busting out laughing. Best Jon Stewart piece ever.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Morning Joe showed a clip of the Stewart segment this morning

Used it to discuss MSM ignoring Ron Paul. Led into the Politico Playbook segment which also focused on Ron Paul.

I would like to see

Morning Joe use their own footage to discuss media ignoring Ron Paul.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Would like to see this

would be a nice segment to have on file.

I had a similar reaction

I had a similar reaction to the MSM coverage.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

We're on the top of Reddit!!

We're on the top of Reddit!! Mike - Highlight that Reddit Link!

Pardon my language but

FU$K An A! It is amazing how the truth can be so exhilarating! I sent a thank you email to J Stewart. This is so huge. It reached so many people. And opened the door for them and us. I mean, could it be more obvious? Freaking awesome.


thank you!

counted the posts on

counted the posts on facebook, the likes and hits on the video
and yes a thank you for Jon Stewart


It's a great video, but...

I wouldn't count on Stewart to give Ron any more air time. Just think of the repurcussions, if not outright threats, that Stewart will be facing as a result of doing this video!

We went through this in the last campaign

I love Jon Stewart for standing up for Dr. Paul, but it won't help. The media are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations and they have their agenda.


Enjoy it!

The people are waking up

You're such a downer!

Yes we know all about the CFR, etc, but if that's how YOU feel, you might just as well go crawl under a rock!

His message is what matters

And the fact that Jon Stewart brings him to light, in the face of the CFR-controlled media.

What he says is of paramount importance.

I am not a downer, by the way. I have been down this road before. I know where the power lays. I do not like it.

The media can't really help, and aren't really inclined.

To even hope to re-establish the Constitution as the law of the land, then We the people must choose freely to consent.

There is no way to get there without...

So When I get cash from the Bank Teller I comment, "In 1913 this twenty bucks would buy and ounce of gold." What would we do without an elastic currency?

Raindrops move a mountain one drop at a time.

Free includes debt-free!

Conspiracy you think?

How clearly evident that the ones pulling the strings are deathly afraid of Ron Paul. These globalists, who owe allegiance to no country will do the unthinkable to maintain power and control and blame it on Iran!


is the article that shows NBC is owned by GE?? GE builds jet engines etc. for the military.
The last thing GE wants is a Ron Paul president as he will bring our troops home.
The public needs to hear this.

This is the real reason Ron does not get any air time.

GE did own NBC and MSNBC but,

GE did own NBC and MSNBC but, yeah sold them recently. GE also had an investment division that took on a large derivative position and got bailed out in 2008, AND directly took bailout cash from the Federal Reserve.

I thought GE sold them less

I thought GE sold them less than a year ago. Maybe it was just a dream I had though too. We RP supporters do too much of that there readin'.

Here is best version...

I wrote to Comedy Central and to Jon's FB

his faceboook is BOMBARDED with thank you, could not find the end of the list. EVERYONE: please send a thank you to his FB wall or contact comedy central through the provided links in this thread.

You can guarantee Jon will notice the impact from Paul supporters, which will motivate him in the future to consider us and Paul.

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Yeah, I just "Liked" his page

Yeah, I just "Liked" his page earlier today and commented, along with the (must be hundreds at least) others who also left positive feedback from it.