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Antiwar.com: "Ron Paul Deserves More Respect"

Although Ron Paul placed second in the Iowa straw poll, behind Michele Bachmann by the slimmest of margins, most media commentators — both left and right — refused to anoint him as one of the “big three” candidates remaining in the Republican presidential contest. Translated, the media gatekeepers, as they did in his 2008 campaign, are telling the American people that Paul should not be regarded as a serious candidate. Apparently, only Bachmann, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry have somehow earned this exalted designation.

Although the Iowa straw poll does not represent a cross section of the Republican Party, at least some likely voters participated in it. Romney and Perry, both of whom did miserably in the poll, seem to have earned their place in the elite candidates club merely on the basis of media conjecture as to their future viability — based mostly on “political buzz” or fundraising potential.

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"Fundraising potential"?

The comment on fundraising potential deserved a bit more depth since Ron Paul has more than demonstrated fundraising capability. The "problem" with Ron Paul's fundraising is it is from the electorate rather than the elite. I mean, we can't have "fringe" candidates raising money from the cash strapped populace when others have to rely on great criminals! That might make the system look bad!

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