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Doug Wead in Newsmax: Ron Paul Scores Big in Iowa

Ron Paul Scores Big in Iowa Despite Media Bias

Out of 16,892 votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll last Saturday, Texas Congressman Ron Paul came within 152 votes of upsetting Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in her own home state.

The close call was ignored by the national media. On Sunday, Bachmann, who was born in Waterloo, Iowa, appeared on five national news programs carried by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Fox News Channel. Paul was invited on none.

The following day, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty withdrew from the race and was featured by all of the networks all day long. Once more, Ron Paul was ignored.


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Wead: Next Moneybomb Will Be The Real Test To Campaign

I hope we don't let Ron down. All the moneybombs have been lackluster so far. We need this bomb to explode!!! Spread the word everywhere!! Give til it hurts!!!!

"""Reagan went directly to the television airwaves with his own message. Ron Paul tested that in Iowa with stunning success. Iowa showed that given a small taste of the truth, without the media filter, people will choose Ron Paul.THE REAL TEST TO HIS CAMPAIGN WILL BE DECIDED IN HIS NEXT MONEY BOMB. If it works, he will compete on the airwaves in the Iowa caucuses and he will win.""""

Which money bomb?

I agree that I would like to blow the doors off the next "money bomb", but I think without the focus of the campaign, RP, and all of his supporters AND enough time to build up the anticipation, $6 million dollar money bombs are going to be hard to put together.

The Virtual Conspiracy

lmao.. "Christ Wallace" ...WTF?

Good one..

not to be picky but adding a "t" to Chris

was a typo! :-) One less letter, Mr. Wead! good article otherwise.

"This included a lively exchange between Bachmann and Pawlenty. The debate within the debate was launched by questions from Fox News anchor Christ Wallace, who occasionally added a provocation to keep things going and seemed perfectly delighted to have a presidential debate turn into an infomercial for Bachmann and Pawlenty."

Real People - Call to Arms

Real People don't trust the talking heads. Every word they utter is put under extreme scrutiny. If you need any evidence of this go outside and ask anyone if they trust the news anchors/reporters.

They ignore our man at their own peril. When the dust settles, we will have a list of the cowards. This week there are thousands of meetings on a local level happening across the country. Every attendee has passion and ideas to bring to the table.

I'm no different. I'm personally starting a website to get people to throw pennies on the ground to support Ron Paul. (ronpaulrealchange.com) Every supporter has seen what happened in Ames, and it is a call to Arms. Every supporter, bring your best... It's go time... it's time to start making headlines they can't ignore.

If you aren't out there colluding with other supporters in your area do so NOW. We need you.

-quiet engineer

ytc's picture

OK, Mr. Wead! We shall NOT panic at this "media snobbery"

(What a great term to use against those dishonest kniving weaselly MSM henchmen.)

A landslide victory, Ronald Reagan-style, is what we shall aim for.

People with different worthwhile goals, right, left & middle, are converging and congealing into a formidable popular consensus PowerHouse against costly unwinnable wasteful wars. And Ron Paul is ONE and the ONLY one who is addressing this popular demand for non-interventionist foreign policy. (Coleen Rawley Aug 15 "Come Home America")

We can and will express our pent-up disgust & redoubled determination @ Ron's Birthday Moneybomb.

Fabulous article and SO nice that it is in Newsmax!!!

This may be the first time that Newsmax readers (Rush listeners) know how highly Ron scored in Iowa!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


This is an important article!



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