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Rand's Request for his Dad's Birthday


My dad's birthday is coming up on August 20th, and I can't think of a better follow-up to his amazing finish in Ames than receiving a strong message from his supporters on that day that they are ready to WIN this race with him.


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Get a cool ticker

ready to post!!!!

No Money

I have no money, but I have wood and paint and many telephone poles. I will be making another sign.

If you can spare even 5 bucks

If you can spare even 5 bucks today that amount, at this point in the campaign, would be like donating $25 six months from now.

My guess is that the campaign is doing their best to make every dollar count.

Anyhow, signs are great as well! I love seeing more Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers all around.


We do what we can!

Thanks for your support, it's the same or even better than money

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Can foreign folk

Can foreign people donate to a PAC. Is this a PAC or part of the actual campaign?
Just who can give to what?

This is what is on the RevolutionPAC website:

"The Revolution PAC is asking foreign supporters of Ron Paul to patronize US businesses who support the Super PAC."

They suggest patronizing RonPaulSwag.com

wish i wasnt unemployed. ill

im unemployed so ill be using my unemployment check to pay for this donation... gladly :)

I hope you find work

Just was thinking as I read your post....you know politicians always use real world people examples to help their cause. You know the ones I mean -- Like Harry Reed saying something like "And Susan Anthony of Las Vegas, who is 95 years old, can't get private health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, that's why this healthcare law must pass blah blah blah.."

What if Ron Paul were to use real world people examples perhaps to show the ill-effects of the economy which he predicted? And perhaps the true stories of veterans of the current wars we are in to show the concerns of those who fight for our freedoms? Just a thought.

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i hear ya on using real world examples but lately it seems like the real world examples are everyone. real world examples of the economy will be voting ron paul in 2012!

As long as there is a ticker

and a lot of fun! I am in!!


Normally i try to put a $100 per money bomb but after that strong Ames finish and the media blackout I'm going to dig deep and double that. Kind of short notice for the money bomb though, Trevor was a lot better organizing this stuff.

watch for scams people...

watch for scams people...

That is great advice!

And welcome to the Daily Paul. However the money bomb in question, as Jon stated, is from the campaign itself and is indeed legit.

Again, welcome aboard.


Thanks for the welcome Zero.

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the link was in an email from Rand Paul

the link goes to the ronpaul2012.com domain. This is not a scam.

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I see you've been a member of daily paul for 21 minutes... are you up to something or just figuring out how to post?

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Great Work Luke. We all

Great Work Luke.

We all should do our homework. Yes, I just created an account and that was my first post.

I don't want to see well intended money to end up anywhere but where it's supposed to. Ron Paul needs all the support he can get.

I post here almost daily and check other post several times per

I am as loyal a Ron Paul supporter as there is. I just spread the word as I get it....not trying to scam anybody, I get emails from the RP campaign and then post them on the blog to get more exposure.

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I see how my comment could be

I see how my comment could be interpreted that way.

My focus though, was not intended in your personal direction.

I remember in 2008, after RP had his $6M day, seeing a few dodgy places fishing for RP donations and I'm sure they gathered a few dollars. There will always be those who flock to what's hot and try to make a buck, and right now, what's hotter than RON PAUL? RIGHT?

My comment was more cautionary to excited folks should they come across any percentage-based fundraisers this campaign or their variants.

This is going to be one exciting year! I always tell people to just donate directly to the campaign.

Keep up the good work Mike.

I am So Mad at MSM

That I going to give to the money bomb with little money I have to give. Enough being on the sideline and not being to much of part of things. I got to get me some of that Ron Paul gear.

+1 here

I'm with you too. This media blackout is disgusting, and it's convinced me to donate even more, and again on the super bomb...

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I'm with ya, time to make the

I'm with ya, time to make the super bomb so big it makes Nov 5th look like a drop in the bucket.

Is this wise? We get more

Is this wise? We get more press when we donate big amounts.. why not save it for the Super Bomb on Sep 19th?


Does anyone have a good

Does anyone have a good argument for Individuals who have not maxed out their $2,500 primary election donation amount to give to the Super PAC?

If so, I would love to hear the reasons why.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

People from the Super Pac

People from the Super Pac don't have to play nice, they can go on the attack and highlight the hypocrisy of other candidates...we all know Ron Paul wont do that. Also im sure they have different ideas about how to promote Ron Paul if they dont do a good job people will stop giving them money.

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I haven't maxed out, but I donated to SuperPAC the minute I

found out about it. It isn't only for max-outs, it's for anybody. I also donate to the RP money bombs of course. I don't have a lot to give to each one, but if all supporters gave a little, it would be a lot. That's my theory.


I don't know, I'm interested

I don't know, I'm interested in A) raising money for Paul, and B) picking up free press. So.. i'm not sure I agree with all the frequent money bombs.. the initial one the Nov 5th one, had a huge run up to it before the big day.

Superbomb thats just a month apart really seems like politically the way to go because you add the big money to the regular one but.. too late now, they already announce the other so I guess we got to support both.


We have to have a constant influx of money into the campaign. At least once a month. This is not 2008. If you want to be a top tier candidate...you need to raise money. We raised 28 million last cycle....what kind of results did it get us?

We need to raise a hell of a lot more this time around. How else to you expect to raise the money Jay? It's not like we can sit around and do nothing and rely on the Republican nomination fairy to leave millions under Ron's pillow every month. We have to raise it.

So, what's your plan to raise the multi-millions Paul needs? How are we going to raise it without monthly moneybombs? Love to hear your answer...........

I'll just give big amounts to

I'll just give big amounts to both bombs. Im in it all the way

Hey about the RP birthday money bomb:

Is this money bomb going to be done through ronpaul2012.com, and will it open only on August 20th? I have no info on it yet, someone fill in? TYIA