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If you subscribe to Reason magazine, cancel it! They are bashing Ron Paul again!

Katherine Mangu-Ward is a writer for Reason magazine...


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The day Glenn Beck puts ABCT on his chalkboard in a way the average person can understand it is the day he gets fired.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." - Benjamin Franklin

Reason who?


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Cancelled mine last week...

I had a bad feeling about Reason/Cato after reading Lew Rockwell's occasional disses of them. I should have acted sooner. They actually do bore the heck out of me compared to the senior fellows at the Mises Institute. Let me describe the pseudo/beltway libertarians as the neocons are now describing Ron Paul. "I like 90% of what they say. The other 10% is non-negotiable." I won't make Glenn Beck(vomit) the representative for cato(vomit) but he said on his Fed episode that when Palin(vomit) becomes president that he'd want her to appoint him as the head of the Fed & that he'd know how to run it. This shows he doesn't get it. Maybe just a shill spreading disinformation? Why else would he say that? Btw, I never saw the Austrian theory of the business cycle on one of those stupid chalk boards of his.

I don't expect

every libertarian to be a Ron Paul supporter, but I also don't expect libertarians to be so ignorant about the man who's done more for the cause than any other in recent history. After watching both of the interviews with Reason "editors" I can't help but have the impression that these libertarians (and I'll take they're word for it that they believe in libertarian ideals) don't know jack about Ron Paul, his presidential campaign, his supporters, the latest poll results, presidential politics etc. They seem just as oblivious to the facts as the typical talking heads on the regular MSM networks. Truly a sad coalition of self anointed experts on libertarianism who are in the dark about libertarianism's latest developments, where they really matter.

These guys are clueless regarding the importance of our cause. In so many ways they're trying to let us know that our cause isn't their cause. And they're doing doing it either out of ignorance or smugness, or both.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

There not naive, there shills

There not naive, there shills http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill

i am having second thoughts about these self described

libertarians after visiting reason's official response page to this incident http://reason.com/blog/2011/08/17/reasoners-on-the-tube-is-r...

and again as stated in another thread, i am now in favor of distancing ourselves from established libertarians through some means. we could simply stop calling ourselves libertarians to cut the lies more cleanly in a more drastic measure, or contact rp's campaign to have him disassociate more from using the term 'libertarian'.

also, seeing ron paul constantly trying to describe how his views on abortion and immigration fits into the libertarian/libertarian party platform is just silly. he can already stand on his own. but that's besides the point.

I sent a letter.... I explained that

they are simply Crabs in the bucket...


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Help correct Wikipedia

Reason magazine has a paltry 60,000 subscribers.
I am Ron Paul. You are Ron Paul. Together, we are legion.
Let's teach them a lesson.

Their Wikipedia article claims they are libertarian.
Let's get that changed.

I tried changing it to NeoConservative, but someone changed it to quasi libertarian (which I might be able to accept). Then someone changed it back to plain ol' libertarian.

Any wikipedia experts up for the challenge?

I've added 2 links, so far, to articles rebutting their libertarian claim.

God Bless,

quasi-libertarian is great!

...op pseudo-libertarian. :)

She supports Johnson over Paul. So what?

Cancel your subscription if you think that's going to help you somehow. But getting angry about someone supporting another candidate is stupid. She owes you nothing.

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I'll take that as

"I realized the context"

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This is worse than you think.....

Reason's Mike Riggs was on RT last night spewing the exact same nonsense.


Does Reason put out talking points for their staff? Instead of seizing the opportunity (which Thom Hartmann handed to him) to promote Ron Paul in front of thousands of liberals, he just keeps plugging Gary Johnson and says he doesn't think RP can win!!!

I did'nt see the fisrt half

I did'nt see the first half of this interview, this is so blatant. They are really trying to misdirect people. Is Gary Johnson apart of this too?

one of the more obnoxious comments about Ron Paul...

Adding insult to injury.
I hate to stereotype people but, she even looks and sounds like somebody I wouldn't like to know personally.

The Virtual Conspiracy

wow, this lady needs to shut her trap...

what an ignorant moron. RON PAUL IS "UNELECTABLE" FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN THAT PEOPLE SAY HE CAN'T WIN: It's a freakin self-fulfilling prophecy!!!

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She was smart, in that her goal the entire time was to bring in

a sudden flurry of Reason site visits, a flurry of correspondence from RP people, and a sudden flurry of temporary readership from RP people.

She DoubleDowned on taking the the "Yeah Screw RP" even after it was public that the media had already screwed Ron, and it paid off for her, her job security, and Reason Magazine.

She actually succeeded. The WAY you can make sure that neither she nor Reason succeeds again, is to do to Reason what the media did to Ron Paul.

Reason Magazine doesn't give an ice cube in Hell for Ron anyway and this has been confirmed countless times since 2007.

Expunge Reason from your memories and they will lose.

deleted their iPhone app

I no longer subscribe, not sure how much they care. But I also sent them an email with my criticism.

I keep wondering to myself if I'm sexist....

but I know I'm not but I know I'm not because I feel the same way about Shep Smith. My God it's awful that these vacuous heads are put in positions of attempting to analyze and spew forth to the masses.

They are SOOOOO stupid. Their eyes reveal the emptiness that their years of playing with Barbie dolls and watching teletubbies has produced. Where are the intellectuals in the media?

Is it possible to get an (honest) intellectual that is also photogenic into these slots? I mean what the heck? Is it the pay? It's killing me.

research male/female polarity...

Although a man or woman can align themselves with either the male or female polarity (doesn't matter what gender you are), naturally the female polarity involves a shallower view of life, less logical, less factual, MORE emotion-based.

This is NOT a bash towards women, because like I said a MAN can adopt the feminine polarity. It has nothing to do with gender, simply to do with state of mind/consciousness. No, it's not a chick thing: we've seen plenty of intelligent women and plenty of dumb men...

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Reason is to libertarianism

Reason is to libertarianism what National Review is to conservatism: a focal point for people with childish mentalities and, at best, only a superficial understanding of the political and social philosophies they purport to espouse and defend.

How many people subscribe to Reason vs. read the Daily Paul, anyway?

I can hear Rush now, "even libertarians think he gets too

much attention!"
KMW, you allowed yourself to be used. You are actively working against Ron Paul and his supporters. You must have a reason why you would betray the libertarian movement.

The United States' involvement in the Viet Nam war wasn't going to be successful, but that didn't make Jane Fonda any less of a creep. Our battle can be won, but it would sure help if our alleged allies weren't creeps.

Of course, you don't owe us anything.



Let them know she F'd up. CC everyone.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson


I sent a polite yet harsh email. Let's see if they get the message.

Nick Gillespie's got some

splaining to do. This chick is Horrendous! She's a traitor to her own cause. Even if she personally doesn't buy Pual's entire message, he's the most libertarian candidate to run for president and get this much coverage ever! Gary Johnson can't even compete with the kinds of contributions Paul's made to libertarianism and now our own kind are falling for the BS false narratives spewed out by the MSM? This chick is a disgrace! Email her, email her bosses, email reason, let them know this is beyond inexplicable. She F'd up. This isn't about thinking for herself. She's blatantly finding pleasure in the pretentiousness of group think. What a disgrace of a joke she is. And no, I'm not going too far!

I've always kinda liked reason but this is sad. If this what the new crop of libertarian reporters are like, I'm never reading another copy again.

"I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself." - Thomas Jefferson

Not sure what "her cause" really is.

She previously worked for the Neocon flagship "The Weekly Standard" with Bill Kristol.

So, maybe she's a Neocon who got into Reason Magazine to slant the mag further toward the Neocon side.
It hasn't been established that she even has any libertarian leanings at all.