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Ron Paul Interviewed for Local ABC Affiliate 8/16/11

23 minute raw interview footage:


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SOMEONE needs to EDIT this

Chop out the inaudible questions and type them out.

"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul

was that my phone...

...or Ron's? @10:20
Everytime Ron says 'military industrial complex' or'corporatism' another democrat gets on board with the revolution.

I say this needs to be cut up and slimmed down for a 'private chat w ron in his office' video. Its got a lot of great stuff and the last question(why are you wanting to be president?) is a gold mine opener to introduce Ron to someone. Yes thats right i want onayoudangol videopeopletomakeanother dangol videoforsomedangolreason i guess so i canwalk dangol doortodoor with a wheelbarrow and a gas powered generator and a dangol teninch sony, knock on the door, when they answer go ahead and rev the generator up and hit play. When there done busting out laughing offer them a chair and a granola bar or a beer as they watch the rest of the video on the porch with me there holding the wheelbarrow and of course the sonys volume is no match for the dangol humm of the generator, man. Alright, enough foolishness get back to work on that dangol video.

That was one of my favorite interviews

even with the erratic camera work and almost inaudible questions.

Clearly, the person who gave

Clearly, the person who gave the twitter question about "Isolationist policy," don't know their history.

World War was created by entangling alliances of European powers = which equals intervention. Even though it began as a small war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, the alliances dragged in other countries in the fray costig millions of lives.

World War II was a direct consequence of WWI. Germany was fed up with having to pay war reparations and elected Hitler. At the time, the previous world police, Great Britain, was so overstretched militarily and trouble financially that they did everything to avoid the war. They even went as far as sinking retreating French ships looking for refugee after the Fall of France to avoid angering Germany. But eventually were dragged in when Hitler had England in his sights.

The US has a big military, but it's being stretched thin and our economy is tanking. They are comfortable with attacking small bands of militants, but a full-scale war against a large professional military would wreak havoc on the economy.

You Can't Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

This is our time now...Just get out of our way!

"They're just TINKERERS!"


"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


That is a fantastic name for them. Takes them out of the left/right paradigm and shows what they are really doing.

Reaching Constitutionalists

There is a real problem amongst serious constitutionalists. The thinking is that allowing a non-natural born citizen to sit in the White House without objection is a major breach of oath of office. I'm not talking about the red herring of place of birth, but rather the founder's intent and the constitutional definition of natural born citizen. This term of art has been clearly defined in Vattel's 'Laws of Nations' and in Minor v. Happersett. A natural born citizen is defined as, “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” This means that by Obama's own admission, he has never been eligible to be POTUS. This also means that Marco Rubio is NOT eligible to be V.P.

Anyone, including Congressman Paul, must defend the constitution to be taken seriously and fully supported by those who are grounded in the constitution. The excuse of not wanting to be a laughing stock is inexcusable. As Jack Cafferty posed earlier today, Ron Paul may be the only grown up running. I certainly want to give Dr. Paul my full effort in support. I am tired of apologizing for his failure to stand tall on the natural born citizen issue. The constitution is not a menu and right now we have a constitutional crisis on our hands that must be dealt with...as we have no legitimate President at this time.

Here is one of the many good articles on this topic:

Sound Money is the Key to a Free State!

Better link

I'm sure it's been posted in the comments below, but in case you don't have time to look for it:


Seems fair to give hits to the news station that provided this great interview. The definition is great at this link too, and the sound is somewhat better.

Ron Paul gives Perry a good old fashioned Texas whipping in late

Meanwhile, Mr. Paul, who is facing a surge of support and attention after criticizing the media for downplaying his campaign, spent much of the weekend slamming his Republican opponents.

The Texas congressman, who finished second to Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann in last weekend’s Iowa straw poll, highlights his votes against “every tax increase, every unbalanced budget” and proclaims he is the candidate who “will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs” and “bring peace.”


Advocating Liberty all the time http://tinyurl.com/4yhzbjo

what he says at around 1 minute 30 seconds . . .

'that's why I'm in this, to get people to vote for (not a person, but principles)'--

this is why Ron Paul is Ron Paul; there are many people trying to turn him into a typical politician.

What makes him unique is that he wants principle to come before personality and the individual politician--

and that principle is constitutional principle--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this is ron paul's best format

this video, and one from 2008 in NH (local station) ...sit down chat - delivers!

he sounds PRESIDENTIAL and it is great to see.

please post this on your facebook pages and anywhere else!

That was good.

I just can't imagine why the vast majority of our fellow citizens are so easily swayed to believe that Dr. Paul is way off base. If our fellow citizenry understood that there is a large difference between a Republic and a Democracy, then to follow Ron Paul's logic of obeying the Constitution would come into focus.
The United States of America "game book of rules" is the Constitution. We cannot and should not "make up the rules" as we go along. The beauty of our Constitution is the ability to amend it, as proposed by Congress and ratified by sate legislature (hopefully with the input of the People). There are 4 paths for a constitutional amendment. Look it up, I won't go into it here.
To sum up, I cannot imagine wanting to be President under any circumstances. Thankfully Ron Paul wants to be President for what I view are the right reasons, to help the country he and most of us here love so dearly.
I for one will support him to the end of this journey. I cannot believe there will be a good outcome to do otherwise.

The vast majority aren't swayed

All the poles are rigged and we are told what the vast majority thinks. The truth is, is that even with all this negative media attention he is still breaking through.

Ron Paul Surging : Look at The Google Hits...Wow!!

Ron Paul About 75,700,000 results (0.10 seconds)

Rick Perry About 10,400,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Michele Bachmann About 21,800,000 results (0.08 seconds)

Google Hits..Captains. Log [Supplemental]

Mitt Romney About 5,890,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Barack Obama About 252,000,000 results (0.08 seconds

Thanks brother in Liberty

Big smile on my face.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Omg !
Those colored comments are beautiful :D ^^

More seriously, that was a nice interview :)


His comment on how the other candidates are mere tinkerers was a good one. That would be a good theme to keep hammering home.

First of all...a great interview with Ron Paul...

...and it is RAW FOOTAGE.

Which explains the wonky camera drift, ect. and sound quality.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

quality is bad because it's a youtube

sound quality is bad because it's a youtube rip. Go to the source posted in the youtube info and you'll see the original video.

-Video uploader

travesty - KTRK influence peddlers, not reporters

I am totally ashamed that our local Houston abc affiliate botched this interview. There is very little of this that is usable as out takes for the national news. The person asking the questions can barely be heard, a professional would have known this during the interview, I am sure it was done on purpose. The cameraman lets the camera drift around during the interview and at one point does something to make a giant crack appear on Dr. paul's head, then it disappears after a few seconds. This is a travesty and a disservice to our nation, I am writing a letter to the company, these guys should be fired. I was surprised to see so many positive comments on daily paul, evdidently we have a lot of optimists here.

video quality

The distortions in the picture quality are because it was ripped to youtube. Please visit the site to see the original.

Video Uploader

video quality

Yes, but even on the youtube version, at around 10:15 the cameraman pans down, then sloooowly up, there is a beeping noise from the camera, and when he gets to Dr. Paul's head, a long vertical crack appears on his forehead and moves with his head, not the camera. It may have been edited out on the version posted on ktrk. Sure looks like a cameraman's trick to me.

About the sound, I notice the aired version is very short and includes only one of interviewer's questions which is hard to hear

You are wrong

I work in the media industry, and I used to be part of a B-roll unit for a local news affiliate. We do this all the time so we can cut up footage appropriately to use in interviews. This is the RAW source material, for crying out loud. What do you expect? Academy award-winning lighting and sound? Jesus Christ...

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

See IMissLiberty's comment below.

Hi Scott,
If you scroll down in the comments a bit, you will come across IMissLiberty's comment entitled "No, a Professional Cameraman" - I think it will help clear up some of your misgivings about the camera work. Cheers!

David Companik serves as a REALTOR® in the Greater Houston area. As an avid Ron Paul supporter, David provides a uniquely free market perspective on the economics of real estate. Visit http://davidcompanik.com to learn more!

video quality

OK I guess I am being placated a little bit.

Thanks, sorry if I got all riled up.

Another great interview

Another great interview

If All Candidates Had To Face the Camera...

If all candidates had to face the camera for this length of time and have their views subjected to close scrutiny and probing questions, the likes of Bachmann, Perry, and Romney would wither and fail before the very eyes of the electorate.

I think that modern debates, with their 60 second policy reviews and "30 second follow-up" rounds are designed to, a) protect the candidates from their own ignorance, and b) train the American people to accept vague and indefinite talking points.

Ron Paul does not thrive in debates because he wants to have an intelligent discussion about the issues that matter - not a lightning round of unrelated and over simplified dialog.

This was a great discussion. I'm posting this on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!

David Companik serves as a REALTOR® in the Greater Houston area. As an avid Ron Paul supporter, David provides a uniquely free market perspective on the economics of real estate. Visit http://davidcompanik.com to learn more!