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Have you ever seen this many people defend RP like this?

..it would be one thing if these people were typical libertarian types, but this is a completely different stock of people.

This could be a major shift occurring or just another setup. My gut tells me it's all good. These are people speaking out just in the past few months or even weeks, and not the typical RP supporters (Schiff, Woods, Judge Nap., etc)

Off the top of my head..

Larry Kudlow
Austin, Texas NAACP president, Nelson Linder
Dennis Miller
Jon Stewart
Jack Cafferty
Juan Williams
Glenn Greenwald
James Rickards
Michael Savage
Pat Buchanan
Anderson Cooper
Glenn Beck
Joe Rogan
Mark Levin
Barney Frank
Sean Hannity
John Stossel (not a stretch but seen widely on the O'rly? program)
Neil Cavuto

..Did I leave anyone out?

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You can tell Cafferty is pissed...

had it with his organization

He is choosing country over career.

Joe Rogan is a given, as is

Joe Rogan is a given, as is Stossel I would think. I'm pretty surprised by some of the names on the list. Cafferty has always been good to us I believe. I love seeing the tides change though. Things are looking FAR better for us this time around, even though they're still not prefect.