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I went to a Allen West Townhall meeting and this has what transpired....

One of the Ron Paul guys, Ryan, went to the first Allen West townhall meeting where the congressman made a derogatory statement against Ron Paul. A video of what transpired filtered into the blogosphere.


Ryan then did a bugle call and posted what transpired on a meetup thread.


The next townhall meeting, there were 4 of us RPer's. One of us got kicked out because West went on a pro-war rhetoric and the guy lost his cool. My suggestion, if you're going to lost your cool in a public venue...don't were anything associated with the campaign.

Ryan came again and made sure he was near the front of the audience and in the middle. Ryan mentioned the fact that the congressman would fixate his gaze on the Ron Paul shirt. After the event, West said that there are 4 GOP candidates and mentioned Ron Paul. My guess is that West is catching some flake from his RP comment and doesn't know how many of the RP supporters are there in the audience.

I had to give him a piece of my mind and approached him and told him that as a veteran, I swore an oath to the Constitution and that I am extemely disappointed that he shredded the document by voting for the super committee. He had the nerve to say what he did was Constitutional!!!!


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I'm sure that he believes all

I'm sure that he believes all those lies. He's been indoctrinated for decades - like most of our military leadership - that Islam is the enemy.
When I was in the Army in the mid 80s we were indoctrinated in the same way, except it was the Soviet menace.

The reality is, that were it not for US meddling, this would not be much of a problem. Just about everything he said is an outright lie, but he probably believes it. We have a lot of work to do.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

West is a shill for the military-industrial complex

I saw the West speech at CPAC. It is all about saber rattling and overstating the threats from our fabled enemies.

Hey guys, remember mutually assured destruction? We need THAT injected back into our lexicon!

I think

that West is a nut, after reading about the reasons that the Army "told him to retire" or else they'd kick him out. He's one of the ones that think torturing is good.

Plus, he's a neocon "Israel-firster" warmonger.

Basically, there's nothing good about this guy.
He claims to want fiscal savings, but only wants it to provide more funds to keep the wars for Israel going.

IMO, he's worse than worthless. He's a total negative.

having Dr. Paul called a nut

having Dr. Paul called a nut often, I prefer to let the facts speak for themselves and let the name descriptions such as nut and kook fall by the wayside.

how old was the guy that lost his cool?


probally in his mid 40's

probally in his mid 40's

Earlier on I thought I might like West (months ago).

But now I realize he's just an establishment hack who calls himself a "Tea-Party" candidate.

If West's foreign policy views are in line with the Tea Party then the Tea Party is a total joke which has been hijacked and co-opted by the establishment republican party.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I admit

I understand West's point, but does he understand that we don't have the money? What part of this is not understood by conservatives?? Cutting back, reforming, or eliminating entitlements, those they seem to understand, but then apparently they think the military is free of cost? Is there some kind of special 'miliary' money they think exists outside the normal realm of reality?


I understand his point but I

I understand his point but I don't agree with it. He does leave out the theory of "containment" and that countries are natural geopolitical buffers to one another. Iran/Iraq were natural counterweights to one another. When we invaded Iraq, there was a big power void which allowed Iran, through her proxies to influence the rest of the muslim countries during the Arab spring, i.e., Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

If the government had the

If the government had the money you would be in favor of using force against a country and it's people that pose no threat to us?


But some of these people won't buy that, and the idea of not even having the money to do it might be a more persuasive angle for them. You have to start somewhere. I'm just throwing out an additional reason to knock off the militarism among West supporters.

The neocons may mock Paul for his non-interventionism, but they can also go ahead and mock George Washington while they are at it. They certainly wouldn't vote for that 'crazy,' 'isolationist' George Washington in this day and age.

It might be but that isn't

It might be but that isn't why people rally behind RP. He doesn't sugar coat and tells it like it is. The worst thing that could happen to RP would be for him to get consulted on what to say and what not to say. It's just not natural for him.

A perfect example is RP talking openly about wanting to abolish multiple federal agencies, bureaus, etc. He doesn't sugar coat his reasoning much by insinuating it's a fiscal issue.

Only my opinions of course.

But I'm talking about us

Ron Paul has made a career on making statements and taking positions that are "political suicide" yet he only becomes more credible because of the facts on the ground. Which is awesome and I don't want him to stop that.

But when *I* have to talk to the people around me, it doesn't quite work if my aim is to persuade and find the weaknesses in their arguments. Throttling them doesn't seem to work either lol. West supporters and similar types just don't process your point. Iran is the boogey man and don't you dare try to tell them otherwise. Also, the idea of working on our own foreign policy, instead of trying to control other nations, just gets morphed into "blame America first" for them, and they won't see it any other way. They can't distinguish between those who really do blame America first, and those who realize that we can only control ourselves and have to lead by example. They have made certain assumptions that are set in stone. If you know how to work around those stubborn assumptions, please tell me how! lol

So I bring out another point that is true, and is (I think) harder for them to refute. Ron Paul of course also brings up the money issue, every time.

Don't pussy foot around with

Don't pussy foot around with any question until you ask West who instigated the war between the USA and Iran. Hell, it's possible he has no idea. He went to public school like most people.

Also bring up the point that the U.S. was convicted by the International Court of Justice in 1984 during the Iran Contra scandal but refused to of course later blocked the enforcement of the verdict. Odd how we can do that but most other countries can't. Why do they hate us?

Nice :)

Nice :)

Good!!! Job soldier! Stay infront of West

Keep ASKING QUESTIONS...the more the better.

Like, As a Veteran I thought I was going to protect MY country. But after listening to you, HOW MANY Countries must I protect?

Just because a country "invites us in", why should the American tax payer and the American vet do another countries bidding? Are we guns for hire?

Well, you can do better I am sure.


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