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Please think before you post.

I'm not trying to insult anyone here specifically, but I see many Paul supporters who get too emotionally charged up and make an ass out of themselves and our future President by guilt w/ association.

We're all doing our best to hit up the boards on not just the DP, but theblaze, and every MSM article we can find. There's just so many of us now it's hard to believe and there's 50 guys beating me to comment on an article. Too often we resort to name calling. We will all show much more quality w/ ourselves and call respect for Dr. Paul by not engaging in name-calling rants or replying to them. My suggestion would be to refute the argument with facts and sources, or worse case just simply ignore a stupid insult - like the typical - "this guy is just tinfoil". These one-liners are just bait. Don't take it.

That's my $.02 tonight, i've actually seen some rather passionate supporters who don't help the cause of liberty when we become irrational. Lets show our quality and rise above the childish insults.

BTW, speaking of blowback- the media sure learned about blowback the hard way today w/ the dozen articles clearly showing their schilling and arrogance to think they can continue to overthrow our democratic process.

For Liberty - lets do our best and use our brains before the mouse-click. Have a good night DPers.

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More Arguing here on Daily Paul, what a surprise

There is a time to be forceful and a time to be reserved. I would hope everyone here can assess a situation on a blog and in person and respond accordingly. Yes its good to be passionate, yes its good to be sarcastic at times, but most important is being convincing and not resort to name calling. I see some very convincing people out there that put forth great arguments for Ron Paul. Jot them down or remember them and use them when you need them. Dont get mad, dont get frustrated, some people have been in the brainwash their entire lives and they have families, jobs, and other responsibilities and take a passing notice to politics. If they were reading up on everything as much as most of us do. They probably wouldnt need convincing in the first place. Just remember that, also dont get duped into fights with people that try and make our movement look bad. I actually like what Ron Paul has done with it lately "they print 15 trillion and I'm extreme?" Perfect.

Well said : )

I've been posting a lot on Huffington Post. I think we can win over the most people there by convincing liberals to register Republican so they can have a say in the GOP primaries as Obama will run unopposed in his primaries.

Liberals will love these points about Ron Paul:
-Voted against the Patriot Act and every re-installment of the Patriot Act
-Against TSA molestations at airports
-Against searches and seizures without a warrant from a judge
-Against militarism and wars around the world
-He'll bring home the troops
-Against ALL forms of torture
-Believes in supreme court ruling: protection of whistle blowers
-Against the treatment (torture) of Bradley Manning
-Against the banker Bailouts

I agree but,

I agree but we can't forget that is going to be the 'likely republican' voters like my grandma who we have to convince. Sadly we have to play their game. The blue republicans might only give us a few percent.

You're right. And I see two

You're right. And I see two battle grounds. One is my precinct. I have to go only to the homes of people who are registered republican and who demonstrate a consistent record of attending & voting in GOP primaries. No one else counts.

The other battlefield is winning over liberals. I've chosen that battleground to be on the internet. I have no other way of engaging liberals who will clearly admit they are liberal. Therefore, I go to the liberal heaven, The Huffington Post, and try to have a good civil discussion based on the facts. The first battle as you stated is indeed the most important.

Rawstory is another site that

Rawstory is another site that needs Ron Paul supporters to go and educate the masses. Staying just on DailyPaul does good but not as good as branching out and educating others. Some people are on the edge wanting to support Ron Paul, but are afraid. They are told that "he can't win", "he's a loon" and so on... However many people if they see support for Ron Paul will be encouraged. There are many sites, I mentioned Rawstory, but there are 100's of others, especially more liberal sites disappointed with Obama. Push the anti-war issue, point out that the president as "commander and chief" can make decisions independent of congress to bring home the troops. Down play the issues of real money and debt debate, since probably not going to win them over on extremely liberal sites. Push the anti-war Ron Paul and gain those votes which will be enough to put him over the top.

With the new dark blue color scheme for the comments

You don't have to worry about what anyone posts - no one can read it.

Check out my new site to help promote and fund Ron Paul: http://www.bestronpaulvideos.net/

reading it just fine

i like it : )

hear, hear

Agreed 100%. Tone it down and educate, not insult. An insulted person will shut you out and argue until the death. An educated person will absorb what they've learned.

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how do you contact a mod


remember the goal

We want to win supporters. A friend of mine once told me that "honey brings the bear". I completely agree. Kill them with kindness, and make them doubt their cause by shining light on the superiority of liberty.

But that's what you , your

But that's what you , your friend and "some" but not all think. Not everyone is the same and not everyone wants the same thing. Therefore many people will say different things and you will definitely not like it all.
Why is this kind of crap on a libertarian site?

Can't we be libertarian and civil?

There is a stereotype that libertarians are selfish jerks.

Personally, I think that socialists and all other brands of totalitarians are the real selfish jerks, but telling them that to their faces is counterproductive. Better to find common ground and common goals, and then get folks to begin questioning their preconceptions so that they can begin to see the value of freedom and the destructiveness of systems and policies that infringe our freedoms.

It should not need to be said that we should be civil. We should never act like selfish jerks, which would only reinforce the negative stereotypes that are already in circulation.

Sure we can be libertarian

Sure we can be libertarian and be civil. I surely can and I'll bet you can too. My point is obvious that NOT everyone will be. No matter how reasonable, kind, eloquent and convincing one may be, there are those that are in our camp that don't WANT to be nice. Plain and simple. I'm programmed to be nice first...but not all are. We can have thousands and thousands of posts agreeing with the OP all day long and it will NOT change a thing. This will be my last post on this topic because I'm going to put my energies toward something I can change.

Hey, I got a great idea!

Let's have 20 threads a day, where holier-than-thou people decide to tell everybody else what to do.

Oh wait!
We already have that!

i know, it's such a surprise when they think their efforts are

being jeopardized by you. you should perhaps just work in alex jones' campaign where you would be much more effective. oops, i'm telling you what to do again, which you don't like! ~who cares.

Succinct precise and right

Succinct precise and right on!! Oops was I supposed to say that?

Great post

This is spot on. The difference between how we handle adversity (name calling, lies etc) is just another example of how Ron Paul is different. I really believe that as a whole Ron Paul supporters have are much more wise in the way we discuss the issues we passionately believe in. People still take as many potshots-but I have seen more and more supporters completely ignore these potshots and make the case for liberty!

Jack Hunter

Listen to an interview of Jack Hunter on the Jerry Doyle show, and pay particular attention to the part at 12:46.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Good point.

A point I have been trying to make to my fellow "Paultards" since November 2007.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Any of you seen Ron Paul on the Morty show?

Ron Paul had an attitude. He reminds me of me.

my theory is . . .

when you see the really emotional and mean spirited responses, it is more than likely a necon posing as a RP supporter to help cast a bad light on us and of course Ron Paul. Once again, as they have for what a decade now, marginilizing Ron Paul. Only problem now is that Ron CAN'T be put on the sidelines any longer. His supporters can however, so others who arent like we are will NOT
vote for Ron.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Seriously get a clue dude

neo-cons don't have the time to waste pretending to be a Ron Paul voter.The first thing that neo-cons spout off is how Ron Paul has "terrible foreign policy" and how the "muslims" are going to destroy america.You are just talking out your butt.

That's not true

Last election cycle we had a meetup group member who was making us look bad and wouldn't respond to our criticisms. We eventually found out he was a neocon plant trying to make us look bad. He was moling, too.

seriously duuude . .

I know you are but what am I! :)
My experience with true Ron Paul supporters dude, is that they arent mean spririted. So if that is happening, I'd question how long they've been a Ron Paul "supporter"


And of course you can always tell the neocons, "tin foil" is the first thing they mutter when they cant have a logical discussion. It's the dubya comin out in em. HELL YA!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


the first thing I see mentioned is tin-foil, kook or nut-job.
typical bait to stir up the Paul supporters like a hornets nest.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


exactly Sambachio

the neo-cons have no reason to destruct the Ron Paul campaign..they already control the chairmen seats and committee positions in the local GOP of the different states.

Sure they do

It's not enough for them to deny Ron Paul his nomination. They must do everything they can to discredit him, too, because they don't want anyone listening to what he says.

Agree. Stay classy my

Agree. Stay classy my friends.

I think people should be who they are

I feel much safer when people do not conform to promote a "behavior".

Its a suggestion!

If those that up in arms ctying "don't tell me what to do!" would read a little closer, the OP was simply suggesting a course of action that he feels would help the movement.

Has he tried to coerce you in anyway? Or was he simply expressing his freedom of speech to convince you of a course of action. Was he saying "toe the line or be booted from the site" or anything of the sort?

NO! He was simply making a suggestion based on what he has seen and how it appears to him as a rational individual.

I cringe when I read some of the thoughtless banter that goes back and forth in the comment sections of articles. The media has worked tirelessly to portray Ron Paul's support as a bunch of tin foil hatters and petulant children...why make it easy?

Early on back in 2007, when we were dealing with 1% polls and exclusion from the debates, making noise and being obnoxious served it's purpose. Back then it was simply us vs. the media. Now 4 years later a lot of things have changed, we're polling much higher than before and while the media (for whatever reason) doesn't treat Dr. Paul equally he's a decent amount of name recognition, especially among the politically minded. Today's fight has changed from 2007. Yes, we still have a fair amount of media shills to deal with, and we always will, but now we are after numbers and building a broad based of support.

Keep the negative comments in perspective. There are a handful of people on each of the major news sites that just sit a troll the comment pages. They sit all day and think up the clever little remarks and intentional misrepresentations. And you know what? They feed on carebear tears, when you respond in kind it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And while uleashing a flurry of 3rd grade insults at a guy because he refers to the good doctor as Ru Paul makes you feel better, (after all we all want to stick up for him) think of what impact that can have on the casual reader just looking through the comments. Now imagine in response to your nemesis' attack you simply respond: "I'm sorry you feel you must result to name calling, but did you know Ron Paul X, Y Z"

Is it fun? Does it give you a sense of binary masculinity, no it doesn't, but it is what the movement needs in 2011.

My perspective comes from my story:

I was a McCain guy back in 2000 when he ran against GWB as the "anti-establishment" guy. Soon after 9/11 I enlisted in the Army and commissioned a few years later. In 2007 as the election cycle heated up I was thrilled to learn that McCain was again going to run. I signed up to volunteer the very day he announced. As the months went by and he started pandering to the very people he'd opposed in 2000, I was digusted and quit following politics completly.

Fast forward a few months and it's Nov 2nd 2007 and HBO is playing "V for Vendetta", I watch it as it has long been a favorite, and I am left thinking "why won't anyone just tell the truth people are clueless about whats happenning". Come Monday or Tuesday morning I see the Nov 5th money bomb article on CNN.com, I think wow, that's ironic and start reading the story. I get to about "Texas Republican Presidential candidate" and I'm like haha yeah right, been that, that's a disaster. But I for some reason head down to see what the comments are about. I a simple post of "Ron Paul has never..." and "the list" and the simple plea "Google Ron Paul".

I though what the hell lets see what this guy is about and the rest is history. Instead of that comment had I seen something like "You are all sheeple media shill Bilderberg NWO cronies! Ron Paul 2008". I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have "Googled Ron Paul"

Sorry for the book, but no one here is trying to oppress you. We're simply trying to ensure that we aren't fighting the battle of 2007, but the battle of 2011 where we are appealing to those who consider themselves "mainstream", and it doesn't take much to turn the casual politiker off of our candidate.