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Remember Stephen Colbert asking the people what his Super PAC should stand for?

The full clip isn't available yet. The episode features Frank Luntz. Anyhow, what they did is run all the tens of thousands of responses they got through a program and generated a 'word cloud.' The bigger the word in the cloud meaning the more times that particular word was used by responders.

The biggest word of all was: Marijuana. LOL, but other big words that stood out were Government, Freedom, Education - and a bit smaller but still very visible in the short time this was up on the screen was the word Paul sitting right on top of the word Country. Nice work team!

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it said

Ron up there too

they both were in red

but PAUL was easier to see as it was up top and listed horizontally. RON was over to the right and shown vertically.

looks like it Tue night's episode

they haven't split up the episode yet but it is in the first segment


3:50 into the episode


Hulu has a better HD selection to view it in

;) hulu is where I watch Dailyshow and Colbert Report


I could see Colbert running as a nominee under the communist banner. I think he would make an excellent communist. As a communist leader he would privileged to all the 'benefits' which he would relish imo.


great news

i definitely wrote about Ron Paul to him!

me too