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How can we get Ron Paul on the Daily Show?

I think Jon Stewart would give Paul some fair coverage and support, and it would be great exposure to many democrats and other people who are smart enough to watch the Daily Show. It would be a perfect opportunity and a great audience for attracting new supporters.
If somebody knows a link, contact, or webpage where we can all request Paul on the show, I will plug it into the Ron Paul App so that it will be very easy for us to do.

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Stewart is a commedian.

Does RP want to be treated as a punching bag?

Have you watched his show?

Have you watched his show? He's pretty respectful to his guests.

I'm sure

Comedy Central will want him on the show again sometime this election cycle, and Colbert's show, too. He's good for ratings.

I had started a thread on 5/5/11


you can sign up for an acct. on TDS website and start a new thread.

He has been on there before,

He has been on there before, at least once..maybe ask the campaign?

Yes but I think it would be

Yes but I think it would be good if he were on again, especially right now while Jon Stewarts #1 enemy, the main stream media, is unethically ignoring Paul.