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Ron Paul New Hampshire Headquarters Set to Open Today 08/17

The Ron Paul New Hampshire headquarters office is set to open tomorrow. The new headquarters are located at 128 Hall St. in Concord. The event will begin at 6 PM with a speech by Ron Paul at 7 PM. The campaign is hoping for a large crowd to get the operations in New Hampshire under way.

New Hampshire is fertile ground for Ron Paul's message.

The campaign will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, and soda, but what many people in New Hampshire are hoping for is an energizing beginning to Ron Paul's run in the state. His message holds a broad appeal in the Republican Party, but New Hampshire is especially known for its willingness to break away from the establishment and choose its own path. Paul has a great opportunity to set the table for that to happen.

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great article

YO! MSM! GOP! If youthink Iowa was scary...

YO! MSM! GOP! If you think Iowa was scary...

Just wait until you get a load of what happen in New Hampshire!

The Free Staters will be out in force!

This is going to be GREAT!

Sure hope someone tubes the

Sure hope someone tubes the event, and speech..:) GL to all.