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Rick Perry pretends to be anti-federal reserve to hijack the GOP

I don't have a fast computer or the tools to make a video otherwise I would. I instead made a short comic about it and I would like for you to save the picture and spread it around the internet and on conservative blogs.Please make more of these kind of pieces of artwork.


This one might be good for a flyer explaining the differences in candidates

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Just shows how desperate they are....

Just shows how desperate they are, when the Democrats are no longer content to put up one of their puppets who can pretend to be a Republican hiding in the shadows.

No, they have to throw out a total loser who openly admits to being a Democrat in word and deed! This guy even openly shouts Al Gore from the rooftops, which is beyond pathetic.

Military flag officers in Michigan are fed up and sick of these traitors and hearing of Perry was the biggest joke of all. Sure, we want another vaccine backing socialist who can't even disguise himself!

Well if you want to destroy Perry's image

Im asking for people to spread this stuff. The truth will catch on once people see clips of Perry going to bilderberg meetings in foreign countries illegally.