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It's important to understand the reason we are all here for Ron Paul.

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Mostly because 9/11 ushered in a bigger tyranny

I railed against the PATRIOT ACT, the military commissions act of 2007 and the "war on terror" and its bullcrap propaganda. The insurrection act of 1807 was also done away with by Bush. Posse Comitatus allows troops to be deployed on u.s. soil illegally.U.S. military are now permitted to be in full BDU and walk around in public places for a certain amount of time after "duty". I am here for many reasons. To attempt ending the wars, to take part in changing the course of history,and to take up my families honor in defending the u.s. constitutional republic.Of course the u.s. constitution cannot work without honest money.

my post duplicated for some reason


The Federal Reserve=Ground Zero for totalitarian communism...

Ground Zero for totalitarian communism, an agenda to debase the money supply and now install an idiotic "Super Congress".


Apparently they can make up a bunch of stories as they go along and invent a Super Congress now. Now, if you aren't a liberal elitist traitor you are the new enemy.

Go along with Rush Limbaughls or Chris Matthews, or you are an unpatriotic american. Obama is the Emporer in charge.