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Bachmann Also Takes Aim at the Federal Reserve

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann took aim at the Federal Reserve on Tuesday, after rival candidate Rick Perry caused a storm with fierce criticism of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke.
"I've been fighting on that issue since I came into Congress," Bachmann told reporters after a stump speech to about 300 people at a drive-in restaurant in South Carolina.

"The Federal Reserve is not subject to transparency. The Federal Reserve has made terrible, grievous errors," she said, criticizing the U.S central bank's quantative easing programs of buying government bonds to lower interest rates and boost the economy.


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Of course, not as popular as Perry....

So the media won't cover her gratuitous statements as much as they will go gaga over Perry.

Shill number two doesn't get as much attention.

No surprise. Paul should make a special video focused on these two, that completely showcases Perry as a bag of hot air....and punctures it.