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College Tuition Will Not Stop Rising

Moody's, in a study (PDF) on student lending, has found that tuition costs have more than doubled since 2000. Inflation in the price of tuition has outpaced the inflation rate for all goods, as well as those specifically of housing, energy, and health care (yes, even health care) for two decades.

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It's easy to overpay for college

I'm pro-college but most colleges are around.

Also, don't get in debt. College is really good at putting you in aid and credit card apps everywhere.

Work and save up.

In fact, today is my first day of class. All paid for.

Please explain that to my ex wife...

We have a nice local college where my daughter would have had a full ride. She could have easily went there for two years, or finished and then went on to OU for her masters some day...but NO..Momma wants to be able to say that her daughter is going to OU and she is taking care of it for her..

So..instead of having a full ride, a place to live, and a part time job...she now has a tuition/housing/eating bill of over $8000 for just this semester. My ex took out some loans, and my daughter gets $2000 in scholarships, but there is still $5000 unaccounted for, so I assume that the ex will take out another loan..ALL THIS FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL. She expects me to pick up the tab for this schooling and I told here where she could stick it. Instead, I bought her books, her laptop, and sent her off with money in the account. I told them that I wasn't going into debt over their ignorance and need to "keep up with the Joneses". I of course am now a horrible parent who doesn't love his child..but what's new?

Did I mention that my ex wife has forbidden my daughter from getting a part time job? We're talking about a girl taking 15 hours, 3 of them dance classes, and made a 32 on the ACT. I told my daughter to NEVER take out student loans in her name...she can come to the local university like a smart girl, and not have the debt.

Aggravating as heckfire

I started to write an essay, but man, I just feel your pain.

I went through this with my nephew. He had a full football scholarship with a little local college, but decided some no name out of state school so he could play football at a higher level. He hated it, got in massive debt, and quit...and that's only half the story.

It's all good and well to say once someone turns 18, he/she is an adult. But they just aren't ready to make some decisions.