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U.K. Pair Get Four Years Each for Facebook Riot Posts

Cheshire Police said Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, both received 4-year sentences for using Facebook to "organize and orchestrate" disorder.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/08/16/2011-08-16_...

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MSM saying Muslims instigating riots...bringing war back home

Remember 9/11, well the masses are about to get whipped up into a fevor again concerning being attacked here at home.

MSM is saying that Muslim terrorists are instigating the riots...which effectively puts the war in our faces.

So it becomes harder to say, "OBL is dead; so why are we over there?"

We need to think of a response to "Holy shit, Muslim fanatics are attacking us on our land...blast their countries to pieces! Bring the war to them!"

One response is that soldiers would be able to better fight off these Muslims here than there, but that is pretty lame since the problem here is an intelligence one.

So another response is to say "The MSM and gov are the same folks who lied about Iraq. Why believe them now?"

Also, and to a more important point, it doesn't matter what is motivating the rioters (Muslims, the government, or police murdering), rioting will not be tolerated. This puts the responsibility squarely on the rioters...treating them as people responsible for their actions...as it should be. This takes away all power from the Muslims or government instigators.

Further, we could challenge the rioters by saying "Stop being manipulated into fighting other peoples' causes."

It's not like they were organizing a protest.

They helped to orchestrate a "lootin" and a "riot".

These guys are pretty stupid.

They orchestrated nothing!

These guys are just kids, they are not ringleaders of a gang or anyone for that matter.

Now, if they organised an incident that actually lead to criminal damage, rioting or looting then I would agree they should be brought to book for it.

But four years for kids who air their frustrations in an online comment?

They did not riot, nor did they incite anyone else to do so!

Chris Johnson, of Moss Haselhurst solicitors in Winsford, said:

"It was something which was started as a joke by Jordan...
Obviously it was rather misplaced and misguided...
We are not aware of anyone taking up the call that they made. Northwich, as far as we understand, has remained peaceful."

It is highly likely that when these guys get out they will have been severely altered by their incarceration, and I very much doubt it will be for the better.

How many times have you seen calls for revolution or read "grab your guns" comments on the internet?

Maybe Amy Allen should be arrested next for calling on Americans to "Start a Revolution" and inciting them to "Break down the illegal institutions".



If you shout fire in a theatre and nobody listens or acts on it, you have not caused any harm or loss to anyone, so what exactly would your punishment be for...

Some imaginary event that may have caused harm or loss should they have listened?

Should you be sentenced to prison for what you write?

Or only the crimes you commit?

There is a limit to free speech

When you organize and instigate a crime, you have crossed the line.

According to the article they were organizing people to commit a crime. It's purpose was for criminal intent.

They committed a crime.

4 years is WAY, WAY too much though.

The lesson for everyone to take home is that saying it online IS saying it in public.

So then you punish them for the crime!

Not their speech.

What if the government deems your organizing criminal? The US government has already classified regular protesting as low level terrorism.

So the next time you want to organize a protest, watch out, and certainly don't use Facebook, you might be charged with a crime for what you write.

I agree with you...

organizing a protest is not a crime.

And hopefully you can agree that organizing a "looting" is a crime.

I'm just going by what the article says, I was not there.

guy organizes a looting

should I show up? He can say it all day long imo, it's my choice to take the Action or not.

There is a gray area

Officers/bosses/etc. order others to commit crimes. Since the bosses didn't physically commit the crimes, should they got off?

How about people who write plans to illegally blow up a building or to murder someone? Do you actually have to let them do it?

But I would say that a person who posts some opinion about doing something illegal is not breaking any laws. Heck, I've done that here several times. It shouldn't matter because I have no authority and there is no real intention behind it.

So the issue is authority...the ability to coerce someone if they refuse an order (being fired, being put in jail, etc.). When someone with that power starts ordering people around, that's a crime in itself.

Basically, if I pointed a gun at your family and ordered you to kill someone, I just broke a law.

Giving orders and writing are not equivalent

Nobody has to do anything written on the Internet.

it's just bad headline..

it's more like they are prosecuted for plotting it and facebook posts were used as evidence.. let's stop hopping immediately to the free speech rhetoric on everything.. it's getting old

by the same logic i can imagine you asking "is there something wrong with growing up poor in a single household family" to the thieves that robbed small businesses using the riot as an excuse

Let's not stop promoting free speech!

You think defending free speech is old rhetoric?

Your analogy is completely wrong and illogical. How does theft have anything to do with free speech?

Regardless of what these two protestors did, what they posted on Facebook should be irrelevant.


"Regardless of what these two protestors did, what they posted on Facebook should be irrelevant."

Just like screaming fire in a crowded auditorium when there isn't one is irrelevant eh?

Screaming fire is not writing something on the Internet

Writing something on the Internet is writing something on the Internet.

How do you see those as the same?

If people can be thrown in jail for what they write on the Internet, a good portion of Daily Paul members would disappear.

Writing is not a crime.