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UK Telegraph: Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul

Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul
By Tim Stanley

Ron Paul seems to be media poison. He came within nine tenths of a percentage of winning Saturday’s Iowa straw poll, yet featured in hardly any of the political coverage. The result was strong enough to elevate the lady who placed first (Michele Bachmann) and eliminate the gentleman who came third (Tim Pawlenty). Yet, as comedian Jon Stewart has lamented, the media has actively ignored the poor fellow who ran second. In a particularly shoddy bit of reporting, CNN refused to cover Ron Paul’s speech in preference for footage of Sarah Palin. The show’s host told his roving reporter, “If you get video of Sarah Palin or a sound-bite from her, bring that back to us. You can hold the Ron Paul stuff.”

Ron Paul is a serious candidate with a real constituency, a twelve-term congressman who ran for the Presidency twice (as a Libertarian and a Republican). He is a doctor, a veteran and a fine public speaker. I saw him orate at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference and was bowled over. For ten minutes I was spellbound by his rapid-fire straight-talking, which detoured into scholarly pot-shots at the American-Philippine War of 1899 and John Maynard Keynes. He polled first in the Conference straw poll, a feat he repeated in 2011. Yet even when he romps home, the media pretends he doesn’t exist. If Ron Paul were to win every single primary on next year’s Super Tuesday, the New York Times would run with the headline “Mitt Romney Comfortable Second – Nomination Assured”.

Ron Paul confuses the American media because his ideology is an awkward fit for the two-party system. As a libertarian, he is anti-war: a position better represented among the Democrats. But he is also against welfare, which makes him more attractive to Republicans. From this anti-government philosophy he could construct a “leave me alone” majority that appeals to independents. That’s the big plan.


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All in all a tongue-in-cheek, misinformed, misleading

unpleasant article. Well, at least, I guess we should be glad that Ron isn't ignored by this Tim S.

Perhaps the media should stop

Perhaps the media should stop repeating mindlessly that he can't win and let the voters decide that.

Even people in other nations

Even people in other nations are seeing that mainstream media in our country is just propaganda for the special interests who control our politicians. We need to keep exposing this fact. The Internet is a threat to them since they don't control it. It is vital to them to stop the free exchange of information.

The Best Part

What jumped-out at me was the civility of the comments regarding the piece.

Notice how the posters managed to articulate their support, concerns and fears without resorting to name-calling or denigration. I was impressed with the calm, intelligent discussion. I got to the point where I felt myself becoming disgusted at some of the posts I've seen on American threads concerning Dr. Paul.

From the Article:

"God only knows, but anchormen and journalists have had many similar bruising encounters with Ron Paul’s people. Of course, the vast majority of his supporters are brilliant patriots. But radicalism attracts crazy, too."

My point is that I'd like to see more of the "brilliant patriots" posting to blogs, as was demonstrated here.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

Spoke Too Soon

In the time it took me to post the above comment, it seems more Americans joined the conversation on the UK thread. Color me embarrassed.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

Stanley does not get it

The caption says why the media hate and fear Ron Paul. The story gos on to say they don't report on him because they did the numbers and decided he can't win. What's up with the stupid gun remark? The drinking with Bob guy did a better job in a 5 minuet rant than Dr Stanley did in the entire article.

I posted this one already.

I posted this one already.

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