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!! Ron Paul B-Day Money Bomb Facebook Event. Invite Everyone !!!

I emailed the campaign the other day suggesting that they create a Facebook event for the Birthday Money Bomb. And looks like they've done it!

I had thought they could invite everyone who likes Ron Paul on Facebook, but looks like they can't. The best they can do is publicize it.

Go here, click "I'm Attending" and invite everyone you know!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197265100335690

Few points as to why this is important:

* Lets you quickly invite all your friends, so it can very quickly reach thousands of people
* Everyone who clicks "I'm Attending" will see the event pop-up on their Facebook page the day of the event, so they'll be reminded to do it on the day!
* Even if people don't invite their friends, their friends will see 'X is attending Ron Paul's Money Bomb'

Spread this event wide and far!

Also, please click the [+] plus sign on the left of this post to get it to the top! The more attention = more participants!

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Up to 3,293 attending and

Up to 3,293 attending and waiting on 30,000 responses! Invite your friends!

This is a very important

This is a very important action that the grassroots can do! So easy too! For every person that clicks 'I'm attending', another 20-300 people will see it!!!

Please vote this post up via the [+]

Please vote this post up via the [+] to the left of the post. We need as many visitors to the website to see this link as possible!

I'm going to bump this

I'm going to bump this because I think it's very important for the grassroots campaign to get in on this.




It is important for us to spread the word.