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Does anyone here have contact with the SuperPAC?

On the SuperPAC website they suggest that foreigners patronize US businesses who support the SuperPAC, such as RonPaulSwag.com

Here is a comment that someone made to that:

"Folks, then finally set something up and direct us foreigners to it.
Last time around we all sat here with our wallets open and nobody was willing to take something out of it.
Sell papercards with a revolution sign for 50 bucks or sell a pdf-file witha signed autograph or do whatever. We gonna buy it as long as the revenue (which should be awesome with papercards) goes to the Paul campaign and if you tell us WHERE!!!

Sorry for the rant."

I'm guessing that donations directly to businesses are not permitted otherwise that would have been set up already. But surely it can be arranged so items can be sold at huge markups like the comment above suggested? If the SuperPAC is going after big bucks from businesses then I think it should be made a lot easier than purchasing X number of $20 T-shirts.

A central location is needed and needs to be publicized clearly for any foreigners who want to chip in. If people are directed to a site that offers a whole array of items to buy (starting as low as $3.99 on RonPaulSwag.com) then people will just get confused and only buy a handful of things, and hardly any money will benefit the SuperPAC. If a single location was set up that people can be directed to, where they can enter their CC info and hit the 'submit' button, not only would it make it easier for people to donate but also a lot easier to publicize (eg. youtube). I really like the sell-a-pdf idea that the guy above had. If US businesses can take money from foreigners and then pass it on to the SuperPAC, then this loophole needs to be exploited to the max! (Especially with the superbomb looming.)

The SuperPAC still hasn't responded to the messages that I sent them, so if anyone here has contact with them please tell them that more needs to be done about getting donations from foreigners.


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I spoke with Gary Franchi

The president of the Super Pac about this over the last couple of weeks.

I am one of the owners of RonPaulSwag.com. Your are correct, there is a bit of a loophole, but we have to be careful not to jeopardize Rev Pac by creating overt straw donations. We should have the solution this week. I love the idea of the pdf, I think we should incorporate that. The solution we have worked out will be announced as soon as we make sure everyone at Rev Pac and RPS are in agreement that it doesn't in anyway jeopardize Rev Pac's FEC status.

I'll give you a hint. It's called Super Products.

Keep up the good fight, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have on this matter or any other. Shoot me an email at trey@ronpaulswag.com whenever.

In Liberty!

Trey Stinnett

Trey Stinnett


That's really good to hear :)

Super Products sound like a neat idea. I can't wait for the announcement. Thanks for the reply.

I am super glad this is being

I am super glad this is being addressed. The last fox poll had RP Pro voters from 26 countries, they said. I do not know how other Presidents can go to foreign countries to directly raise money but the last 3 did that for sure, so we should find out how they did not get indicted for it.. :)