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Ron Paul's last campaign! The most important event in our lifetimes

I awakened this morning to the realization that THIS IS IT. This is Ron Paul's last campaign. This is a campaign that many of us will look back upon as the greatest endeavor of our lifetimes.

This campaign could change the history of the world. Even if we are not victorious in the election, social mood is turning toward liberty and small government, and this campaign season is the final tipping point of that change.

And WE ARE A PART OF IT! We are making history with each blog post, each effort to become a delegate, to speak to people, to hand out brochures for freedom, to form meet up groups.

For those who are holding back on giving funds, or participating to the FULLEST, due to a FEAR OF DISAPPOINTMENT ... I would say, if you miss this campaign, you will NEVER AGAIN have an opportunity to participate in an event as important and significant as this.

As I am constantly telling my kids and grandkids.... A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man only once.

DONT HOLD BACK....jump in with both feet.... disappointments will come, but you will know that you were part of history. Because no matter what happens, WE are the Revolution and WE are changing the course of history. Don't fail to take advantage of this inspiring journey. Don't allow FEAR of failure to paralyze you. You will MISS IT and you will always regret that you didn't give your all in this one last chance to make it happen.

Let's make Ron Paul's LAST campaign, something the world will speak of for centuries to come!

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absolutely and very important

to remember this is it. 2007/2008 was an educational campaign, i think everyone realized, including Paul. 2011-2012 is for WINNING.
Everybody MUST believe it and also ACT and THINK like it can be done. BTW: The fastest way for Paul to be ignored by the media is if he or anybody strongly supporting him, writes, says or thinks it would be very good if he could win, but one does not think so. This is utter BS.
Think positive and be polite as well, set the example and be nice and show an example to not yet RP supporters.

Also, for those that think Rand Paul 2016, remember that if you thus would think Ron Paul would not win now, if the GOP candidate (Romney, Perry etc) wins, it will be exceptionally more difficult if not impossible for Rand Paul to oppose an incumbent president AND the VP of the pick (be that Robio or whoever), will have a very good shot at 2020. And if Obama wins - which I think he may well if Ron Paul is not the GOP nominee - there may be strong competition for Rand, from say Marco Rubio, Christie etc.
If (or should be say when) Paul wins, Napolitano would be IMO the ideal VP choice, not only in terms of political philosophy, but also strategically for the GOP (Napolitano would be a uniting factor among most GOP wigs, and brings regional diversity and possibly even NJ into play (but he would in any case be good for CO and also some of the northern states as someone from the region) and in case anything - God forbid - happens to Paul healthwise as president, Napolitano could comfortable take his shoes. Paul could perhaps serve for 4 years, or say 1,5 terms, e.g. ca. 6 years, then retire, and then it would give good time for Napolitano with Rand Paul as VP to work themselves in.

Also remember: if Paul does not win, the US will remain militaristic, perhaps more so, more civil liberties will be destoyed, more internet and company regulation, more crony capitalism and/or socialism and the Dollar may totally break down. Remember George Soros managed to break the Pound and with such a heavy debt burden and more spending, the fall of the USD will be greater and as Dr. Paul says, it could happen very quickly, e.g. one event cascade on the other, which would make the recession, and even the 30's recession like a sunday school picnic and the US may be so weakened economically, it may take decades to recover and the US position might even be permanently severely weakened.


My hotels front desk computer is flooded with "Ron Paul" searches in its history. Every 5 minutes ron paul/search/refresh/post ron paul/search/refresh/post. POLL!!!! GO VOTE!!!
ron paul/search/refresh/post ATTACKING RON PAUL! COMMENT NOW! Texts from my dad: "rp on kudlow in 5" im in it to win it.

I am about 1000 times more

I am about 1000 times more fired up than I was last time! THAT is scary!

PLEASE! Invite all of your


Invite all of your facebook friends for the aug 20th moneybomb now!







Great info


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Great! Thanks


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

jaseed's picture


Thanks, elviejo. We all have regrets. Do not let this be one of them!

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson