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Why are there no Constitutionalists running for President?

Ames, IA
August 17, 2011

Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll by a landslide and is now the leader of the GOP presidential race. On the other hand, she was almost upstaged by a fellow Tea Party favorite and longtime Texas republican, Rick Perry. The media obviously ignored RP, Rick Perry that is, because he gave his speech in South Carolina, when all the attention was in Iowa.

Sarah Palin, the founder of the Tea Party, visited Ron ald Reagans home town. Ron ald Reagan began his presidential campaign with little attention from the media and bad poll numbers. He was not taken as a serious candidate, but when he ran for his third time he finally won. When asked if this reminded Sarah of any other presidential candidate, she said "no, i can't think of anybody."

Congressman Paul...Ryan is not in the presidential race, but he is the first house republican to mention that there is a debt problem. "The GOP field is waiting for someone to carry grassroots support, someone who says what they mean, and mean what they say" said a Iowa republican "and many of us believe Congressman Paul...Ryan is that person."

We caught up with Michelle Bachmann as she was speaking to a crowd of supporters.

"The GOP is looking for a candidate who is a champion of the consitution, carries conviction, and will not compromise. They wan't a canidate who will fight the washington machine, and refrain from he said, she said politics." Bachmann voiced to a large crowd. "Let it not be said we did nothing!"

The four GOP contenders: Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney are now preparing for the primary and caucus season.

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