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Suggestions on Newsletter Issue

Some suggestions on the racist newsletter issue. Looks like the media is starting to pull out all the stops. They are trying hard to stop the Ron Paul momentum. The newsletters came out around 1980 or early 1980s. Dr. Paul had returned to his medical practice (delivering babies of all races). As far as I'm concerned, keeping up with the lives of women and their new babies was FAR more important than keeping up with what someone wrote to slander you (even though it's bad). I think Dr. Paul had his priorities in order. Dr. Paul is a Constitutionalist and believes in freedon and individual liberty. Racism is a collectivist idea. If you believe in individualism, you can't possibly be a racist. The newsletters came out again during one of Dr. Paul's late 1980s or early 1990s congressional campaigns and it didn't stop him from winning 7 or more elections. If you know Dr. Paul's writings and heard his ideas, you'd know he's not a racist. And one of the first arguments these people say is, "Well, if he can't keep up with newsletters in his own name, he can't be a good president" which is so untrue. In 1980, we didn't have computers readily available and couldn't possibly see or hear news stories quickly; you got it from newspapers or the tv. If his medical work was the reason he didn't catch it right away, I still say he had his priorities in the right place. Dr. Paul never denied it happened and he has been honest about it. He said he had about 12 ghostwriters at the time and doesn't know which one did it but he did admit he should've kept up better with what was being printed in his name. That's honesty. Who amongst any of us has never made a mistake in their life? In the 2008 campaign, Austin, Texas NAACP president, Nelson Linder, defended Dr. Paul saying "Ron Paul is not a racist". If anything, Ron Paul's supporters have grown exponentially!


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