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Penn Jillette: I don't know, so I'm an atheist libertarian

I try to claim that I was friends with the genius Richard Feynman. He came to our show a few times and was very complimentary, and I had dinner with him a couple times, and we chatted on the phone several times. I'd call him to get quick tutoring on physics so I could pretend to read his books.

No matter how much I want to brag, it's overstating it to call him a friend. I would never have called him to help me move a couch. I did, however, call him once to ask how we could score some liquid nitrogen for a Letterman spot we wanted to do. He was the only physicist I knew at the time. He explained patiently that he didn't know. He was a theoretical physicist and I needed a hands-on guy, but he'd try to find one for me.


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I love the first part of the

I love the first part of the article and not just because it refers to the genius Feynman, but because he talked how I don't is probably the most intelligent thing anyone can say.

Been on this forum for many years now and I hate to be a complainer, but not many people saying I don't know very often.

You'll never find God with reason and logic

That's how you get to be a skilled Humanist though. Western Christianity is corrupt and humanistic to the core. It's a shame that bad religion turns people from our creator.

I came up with two solutions

I came up with two solutions today. Bring all the troops home. Secure our borders. Their money now will all be spent here. This by itself will make us need more stuff and more housing by the tens of thousands, which will create MANY jobs. It will also make us happy to have our relatives back, so more parties.
Welfare to an unwed mother is ok, but she should try to get a job, and we should provide childcare, and free birth control pills. If this person has another unwed child, however, and applies, not only does she receive no additional money on the new child, she loses the money on the first. End of welfare. I heard of one mother saying her daughter with 6 children was the "breadwinner" of the family as she made over $100,000/ per year.

I know these two things, implemented, would help our country greatly.

He is definately not a psyhco

as he is evidence of himself, a natural minded man.

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He puts his finger directly on the deceptive

arrogance of all forible government programs.

What a well articulated

What a well articulated piece. I love that he is not arrogant with his libertarianism or atheism...just "I don't know". Fair enough and I think most people can accept that. BTW I'm NOT an atheist but not religious either, and I agree with everything Penn said.

you might be a Deist.

I discovered this idea while researching our framers. you might want to take a look. I did, and I found it fit me just right.



For Once

I don't think Penn is a psycho. Wow. Awesome article, and I hope that many others read that and don't dismiss him outright.

Disclosure: I'm a Christian who attended a highly Christian university.

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thanks for sharing this with us. You remind me of Ventura. ie. you wear your atheism on your sleeve.


Penn and Teller

They're both libertarians, and for all the right reasons. The minority of one, the individual, is sovereign.

And the relationship to God, is personal. It certainly is unique for each individual!

Richard Feynman was a favorite of mine, too, though I've only read his books. Sometimes I think such people are more at one with God than people who know more.

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Feynman rocks. Penn with both

Feynman rocks.

Penn with both God and how to live is right on money, he has this is what believe, but I don't know and who am I to tell you.

Thats really my only complaint of other RP supporters on DP and in general is when they think they know it all and your an idiot and things would be so much easier if you just listened and agreed with them. God help you if don't, then your even more of an idiot.

I don't know?

I saw this guy on interview. He is waiting for evidence? If he is a well reasoned individual, he would have to admitt that humans do not "naturally" seek GOD. GOD existence is enmity to men's minds. Then this is a very reasonable minded man's END, or Beginning of evidence. NEXT>

"The reason"> GOD seeks men, not the other way around. Men want their own WAY. So, GOD would not even be talked about if man had His Way. BUT evidence shows GOD has HIS WAY. HE seeks men. Some men believe.
FAITH is imparted, END of Questioning existence.

Now he can try to reason his way out of that evidence.

Poe's Law?

Poe's Law?

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NO, GOD revealed words.

It's stated in the Bible. ROMANS 3:11 ,John 3:19,
2 Tmothy 2:2,
Then if interested, you can see what GOD does. Romans 15:12.

Galations 4:19 for the Jew who hates Christ Jesus.John 15:23

Why do people suppose satan wants to imitate Christ?
Because he knows Christ is the KING.
And here is one for Christians who would mix with Israel, St. John 1:17. Romans 8:1

What are you trying to say?

What are you trying to say?