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If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, will you vote for the Republican nominee?

I for one will not vote for any Republican nominee if Ron Paul loses the nomination. And I don't say that out of spite. It's just that the Republicans need to understand that it will hurt them in the general election if they keep shutting out the libertarian wing of the party. Who's with me?

Also, I honestly think we're better off with a Democrat in the White House rather than a sellout Republican. That way, all the blame can be placed on socialistic policies instead of the supposedly free market Republican policies.

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Hell to the NO! Never. Ron

Hell to the NO! Never. Ron or no one else!

only if it is Gary Johnson

The only person I'd consider in place of Ron Paul would be Gary Johnson.

I vote principle, not party.


repeat - no way

The GOP is NOT entitled to my vote....

I will write-in Ron Paul.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

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...if that candidate is Gary Johnson.

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Agreed. He's the only other

Agreed. He's the only other Republican I could vote for in this race. Most likely it will be a repeat of 2008 -- Paul doesn't get the nomination, and I vote for a third party candidate as a protest vote.

if Ron Paul does not get the GOP nomination

I will help to make sure it dies.

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I will write in RP or Bust!

I will write in RP or Bust! No way will I vote for another Neocon just because he or she has an R next to his name.

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Dr Paul doesn't get the nomination, I will either write in Ron Paul or vote for the next most honest person on the ballot. This will probably be a 3rd party candidate, but I'm not voting a "R" for the sake of a "R"


There's only one candidate worth supporting- Ron Paul

I DO NOT support a Party.

He's going to win....so I'm not very worried.

I'm done with voting for the lesser of two evils. Mo mas, no mas

I am certain, however, that Dr. Paul will run on third party ticket if he dies not get the nomination. That I can and will support - no question.


The other candidates are not much different than Obama.....so he might as well stay in office if they ignore Dr. Paul.

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But I will write in Ron Paul if need be.

Not me.

I've been a Republican for 10 years, my entire adult life. But I would not hesitate to leave the party if they reject Paul for this second time.

Year after year they have demonstrated less and less of the values they pretend to stand for. I would see their rejection of a true conservative as the final nail in the coffin.

I imagine others will leave too. Perhaps if they are weakened enough, they can become the "third" party, and a new major party can emerge.

As it is now, the right just keeps getting lefter.

I've got one or two votes left in me.

And that vote will be for Ron Paul.

no way

No freaking way.

That's like asking: "Will you

That's like asking: "Will you continue to drink your tap water if fire shoots from the faucet and all of you house plants die when you water them?" Or here's a better one: "Will you keep driving down the highway that says the bridge is out or take the exit?"

No Way!!!

Ron is the only Republican worth voting for. If Obama lost to Romney or Cain, nothing would change except the rhetoric. And the failures of the next Administration wold be blamed on "Free Market, Limited Government" policies.

No. But in my State, I will get to vote for RP no matter what.

Because we're going to put his name on the ballot anyway if he doesn't get the GOP nod. (you can't have two slates pledged for the same candidate in Louisiana)

We did it last time. We'll do it again.

I'd say this time, we campaign for him and make it known he is on the ballot. Let's throw this election to the House!

Or, the rest of the other 49 States could do the same thing, then we'd have a real shot at winning outright.

If Ron doesn't get the GOP nod, but we manage to get him on the ballot in all 50 states anyway (or close to it and he'd only have to pay for a small handful to help out) I'm sure we could convince him to take this all the way as an independent.

While I want him to win the GOP nomination, and I think it is doable, we do have to start thinking now of contingencies since petitioning for ballot access can be a royal bitch in some states and deadlines are fast approaching.

I will only vote for Ron

I will only vote for Ron Paul, period.

The Republican Party has

The Republican Party has nothing to offer except Ron Paul.

That is the tough question.

That is the tough question. Do we really want another 4 years of Obama?

HELL NO!... would rather vote for Mickey Mouse.

Ron Paul or bust!

I will only vote for Ron

I will only vote for Ron period. If hes not on the ballot i'll write him in. This possibly could be the last time i'll vote for anybody. I will no longer settle for the lesser of the evils. Ron Paul has set my standards.

No, why would I? If Ron Paul

No, why would I? If Ron Paul doesn't get the Republican nomination, the candidate will just be another flunky for undeclared wars for the benefit of Halliburton, and other defense contractors. The bail outs will continue for those corporations and special interest who have bribed enough politicians. More infringement on our personal freedoms, allegedly to "protect us from terrorism". More inflation.

Ron Paul is the only game in town for people who understand what is going on.

No, no, no

It depends

I would only support a Third Party run of Ron Paul's if he breaks the 15% threshold required to participate in the debates.

My guess is the liberal media will want him there to play spoiler to the GOP nominee, but they'll be terrified when he trounces both Obama and the GOP'er.

Think we could get 15% national support if he loses the GOP Primary?

I will write in Ron or...

I will write in Ron Paul or if he decides to not persue it I will write in "Richard Pryor" or I will vote for "Non of the above",If enough voters do this they will have no choice but to hold a special election! LOL!

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There's a pic that sums it up.

It is an attractive young woman wearing a Ron Paul bumper sticker as a top.

I think she speaks for everyone:

Ron Paul or bust.