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Texas: Ron Paul (22%) Clobbers Rick Perry (17%) in Latest Poll

The State Column | Staff | Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Texas Rep. Ron Paul is well ahead of Texas governor Rick Perry, according to the latest poll.

A poll conduced by Azimuth Research Group finds Mr. Paul leading Mr. Perry in their home state of Texas.

Answering the question, “If the Texas Republican primary were held today, which presidential candidate would you be most likely to vote for?” 22 percent of those polled selected Mr. Paul. Just 17 percent of respondents voted in favor of Mr. Perry.

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he may have america fooled

he may have america fooled but we've learned our lesson about snakes like him and he would've been defeated if he didn't throw his buddy kay BH into the race to dilute Deborah Medina's votes. he knows hes done for in texas so why not move up to the whitehouse like his lifelong buddies George Bush and Karl Rove.

The Ron Paul campaign is out of sight come join the revolution it really is something other than else!

I would like Ron to say

I would like Ron to say to the nation that "Ricky Perry maybe Governor of Texas but the people really governs themselves and they are agreeing with me, not Ricky Perry."

22% vs. 17% hardly qualifies as "a clobbering"

just sayin'


true but considering that Texas is his state...and he is losing to a congressman in a district...it is a good argument for the term clobbering.

Perry Can't Even Carry His Own State?.......PRICELESS!!

How the hell is he going to win any of the primary states if he can't win Texas..All he's going to do is bite into Romney and Bachmann's support...

Before it's all over, Ron Paul will be President of the United States of America...Count on it!

Lets get to work on that 'Money Bomb'..Remember, Campaign like your 20 points behind!

"Never let it be said that we did nothing, that no cared." ~ Ron Paul

Because the ignoramuses

Because the ignoramuses around the country don't know the truth about what Texans are suffering under his rule and because they will only see his polished good looks and his slick "outsider - tea party" PR and because Palin will probably campaign for him shortly.


Sorry guys, this is actually an old poll.

Eric Hoffer

How old can it be? The

How old can it be? The article is dated 8/17 and it says it was done days after Perry announced his candidacy. I remember the poll you're thinking of a couple of weeks ago, but I think this is a new one.


Unfortunately it's just a rehash of the same poll. Azimuth came out with explanations on how they got their data, but those numbers are all from the May poll.

Last post on Azimuth's page is 7/7/2011.

Eric Hoffer

It is old.

It's old, but I bet the numbers didn't change a whole lot... :)


I don't like that one at all! Perhaps I'm misinterpreting it, but it appears that Ron Paul is stabbing "We the People" through and through...and if I interpreted it that way, so would many others, imo.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

It's ugly

So ugly it seems intentional. I suppose even though it looks like Ron Paul stabbing the people, it was intended to look like Ron Paul pulling the sword out of them. So, maybe it's bad imagery?

Why someone posted it here and it got 4 votes up is strange.

Send the story to Drudge

Let folks know Perry's own state doesn't trust him or want him as President.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Ron Paul beats perry in texas and this isnt on the front page?

Come on people this is great news. And something I have already posted on facebook. Lets push this great news.


my bad this is on the front page, but it needs to be on the top and pushed. As you guys know the herd mentality of the sheep is to follow the perceived winner.



Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

The comment at the bottom of

The comment at the bottom of the page has me vexed...is he right?

This one?

Mark Taylor 1 hour ago
Azimuth Research Group? As in "Azimuth Research Group - Polls, carpet cleaning, taxidermy and Notary Public - We accept all competitor coupons"? Wonder aboout the sampling size - did the whole Azimuth family participate?

He's just being sarcastic.

This one:

As much as I'd like to believe result of this poll. I think this does not reflect current state of the race. (Unless you got some exclusive information from Azimuth Group)

I think you are reporting on that poll:

From: http://www.azimuthpolls.com/

Poll Date: 5/29-6/3, 2011Poll Method: Monitored and automated callsPoll Sample: 882 highly active Republican voters in TexasMargin of Error: +/- 2%
Question: If the Texas Republican primary were held today, which presidential candidate would you be most likely to vote for?
Ron Paul – 22%Rick Perry – 17%Herman Cain – 14%Newt Gingrich – 11%Gary Johnson – 9%Mitt Romney – 8%Michele Bachmann – 7%Tim Pawlenty – 2%John Huntsman – 2%Rick Santorum – 1%Undecided – 7%
This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization. Azimuth polling is a non-partisan polling company.

The article was from The State Column

Not my reporting. I was just linking to it. But you're right it does appear the polling was done over a month ago, and The State Column is reporting it as if it were a new poll.