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We Report, You Decide! Did Ron Paul Supporters Start The Modern Day Tea Party?

Put together some 2007 news footage as well as more recent footage documenting the origin of the modern day tea party. I'm not a pro so go easy on me.


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Why Has The Campaign Marginalized Or Omitted Trevor Lyman?

He was responsible for many good fundraisers..Did he piss off Jesse Benton? Did try to move in on Valori?...hummm

Just wondering...

Yes. The Tea Parties started

Yes. The Tea Parties started as a repudiation of BOTH the Democrat and the Republican parties. The Tea Parties started with Ron Paul people dissatisfied with the Neocon Republican Establishment and the Welfare State Democrat Party.

Neocons have been tying to take over the Tea Parties for some time. I am speaking of Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others. They are NOT Tea Party people. They are Establishment Neocon Republicans pushing more undeclared wars, big government, foreign aid, bailouts for their friends, inflation, and the destruction of our personal freedoms.

Don't allow these phonies to call themselves "Tea Party" candidates. They stand to business as usual.

I hate to be a negative nancy

First - very nicely done.

But, did you see the boxes being thrown into the water? "Iraq War", "Neocons", "Federal Reserve", "Homeland Security", etc....

Very few of the current "Tea Party" people are on our side. And, it is fodder for the liberal media channels which prevents us from getting more Blue Republican types. We need to distance ourselves from these cretans and troglodites. Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Dick Armey speaking at Tea Party rallies is all you need to see - it was coopted from the beginning, and on purpose.

I just think we need to cut our losses. We need to start using the term "TEOCON" to describe all the Tea Party groups. Get it out there in the media that the Ron Paul Revolution members are the real ones, the ones you see on TV are fake.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

haha... TeoCon...haha

good one... I've been using the word "NAY"
N.A.Y.= Not Awake Yet.....

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I think you are right

that some people may be fooled into believing Ron is like Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Dick Armey, et al, through association, but I would think any intellectual liberal type would be curious who this "Godfather Of The Tea Party" guy is and possibly do a little internet research out of curiosity. Thinks to self: *stupid Teabaggers, haha, who is this Ron Paul guy, Google Ron Paul...* Then we have them. Heck, that's basically what happened to me after renting Freedom to Fascism. They will be converted eventually. Liberals are usually motivated by their hearts, their desire to do good. Once they see Ron for who he is, it will be all over. Just got to make it through the primaries. All of my liberal, artist, musician, Obama voting friends like Ron, they just don't take him seriously because "he can't win". If we can win the primaries,... You think there was a large turn out for Obama? Just you wait and see. If it's Paul vs. Obama I speculate %80 voting. "In 2004, there were about 216 million people in the US who were able to vote. Out of these people, only about 126 million actually voted. (58%) The 2004 elections had the largest percentage of people who voted since 1968."

And, calling it as it truly is, that Ron Paul is The Godfather Of The Tea Party, will help him get through the primaries.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman


I only needed to watch the first minute to see this is a beautiful thing, and will be very valuable if we're ever to somehow coalesce around some unifying values, which will be necessary.

George W. Bush

Whenever I hear my "Neo-Liberal" friends slam the tea party, I remind them that the original and true tea party was started in 2007 by Ron Paul supporters while George W. Bush was still our President. I inform them that Ron Paul raised 6 million dollars online that first tea party money bomb, that the tea party had been pushing strong for YEARS before Neo-con politicians like Bachmann proclaimed themselves tea party favorites/leaders.

It's very comical to see the reactions when Neo-Liberals realize that the tea party originally formed these protests under George W Bush's presidency to highlight Ron Paul.


Because I posted a similar post the other night but it didn't have the excellent video =))))

We're the "Tea Party" the rest of the Republican's that just jumped on the bandwagon are the "Tea Baggers"...


We need to update the Wikipedia article about the Tea Party

If you look at the Wikipedia on the Tea Party Movement..They barely mention Ron Paul. They start by saying it happened in 2009..!!!!

Then fix it

It's wiki ("what I know is")
Press "edit" and go to town.

Great idea for a video BUT

way too much of the intolerable Rachael Maddow and unnecessary talk with Maddow bringing up the term "tea bagging" for ridicule. And you didn't include the really cool video where they're on the pier throwing boxes in the water.

But good effort and hopefully there will be an improved version.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Her point with regard to tea

Her point with regard to tea bagging was that the original 2007 movement never used that term. She joked that it's because we knew how to use urbandictionary.com and the more recent tea party folks don't. It was part of her argument for how the tea party has been co-opted by folks like Palin who began using that term. I had to edit a bunch of stuff out or the vid would have been way too long.

As for the boxes off the pier video, I tried to only include videos that specifically referenced the term "tea party." Since that video didn't have any visible tea party signs or audio of the term I had to cut it. We would know it was a 2007 tea party but other folks might not.

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.

It's true Ron Paul supporters started it

I poo-pooed it. Said it was a bad idea because it would lead to nothing but a bunch of neocons in patriot hats. In retrospect, I think it was a great idea and although it has led to neocons acting patriotic it has also helped shed light on Ron Paul. But, yes it was a Ron Paul inspired deal.
I still think we should do a real one. Throw cigarettes or FRNs or something that would really get some attention.
The original tea party was not a bunch of sandwich-eating fat guys in yellow t-shirts griping about King George, it was a band of ticked-off patriots who kicked George in the nuts and took money out of the empire's pocket--that's activism!

I really enjoyed your video.

I really enjoyed your video. Very nice.
Today's Tea Parties are diverse, but most support war, and are quite aggressive about it. They (mostly) do not support a Ron Paul foreign policy.

War and Theocracy.

they seem to have missed and important memo...... I was never able to join with them. although I felt compelled to at times.

In all fairness -- I had

In all fairness -- I had heard of a TEA Party on April 15th the year BEFORE Ron Paul hit the scene. Tea Parties as far as I can tell date back to very early 2000's.



Well in all fairness,

Well in all fairness, technically they date back to 1773, lol. Joking aside can you give me a specific source that mentions a tea party event of similar purpose prior to 2007? It's possible there were some.

I clicked your link and checked out the domain registry for the first 5 domains that show up. Despite the date listed in the google search all of them were created in 2009 or later.

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.

This is indeed where it all

This is indeed where it all started. of course you wont hear this from the MSM (not now anyway, you did then). I forgot about all the dressing up and "tea protests" stuff I just remember the moneybomb that raised 12 million over that weekend and 6 million in one day.

i was...

I was at the Tea Party in Santa Monica in 2007... When my parents (now 69+72) started associating their beliefs with the Tea Party they scoffed at my assertion that it was we Ron Paul supporters in 07 who started it...

So here is my proposal... Perhaps we need to organize a new nationwide tea party and take the movement back. Center the demonstrations around Ron Paul and the bad government policies we want destroyed as we did in the original Tea Parties. What do you think?

Tea Party - Santa Monica Pier

Here's video of the Tea Party at Santa Monica Pier from my collection, posted lower down in this thread. Maybe you're in it?

Check my post below to find more local Tea Party activities from 2007 including;
New York, Modesto, Massachusetts, Eugene Oregon, Los Angelos, DC, Rockford Illinois, New Hampshire, Faneuil Hall Pennsylvania, Austin Texas, Freeport Texas and Las Vegas.
Also 2 from New Zealand, 1 from Strasbourg and 1 from Dubai.


I just saw this youtube video


one of the comments says:

"Amazing day. Santa Monica, CA - for 5-6 blocks, people were lined (5 deep) marching for freedom. SO GLAD I was there, win or lose, good times!"

Thought you'd like to see that, since I *just* saw it and remembered it.

Thanks for that, buddy! Its

Thanks for that, buddy! Its true, there were a lot of us... I knew that it was important and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. I look forward to whastever nationwide event we plan.

great vid

thanks for compiling that.

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Oh the memories :-)

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

it was Trevor Lymans idea.

or that is the way I remember it. the blimp was my first political donation EVER! or it might have been the Nov 5th moneybomb......
as I recall, all three events were organized by Trevor Lyman.
he deserves to get some of the credit.

Great job!

Nothing wrong with a little straight forward editing. :)

Well, brother,

for somebody who's not a pro you sure did a sensational job with this video. Thanks, friend. I'm sending this to everybody I know.

Good job

I remember the tea party day well. We pledged $100/piece, raised alot of money, and my buds and I drove around town with a big Ron Paul For President 2008 sign hanging out the window.



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Good job on the video Harry.

So now what? We started the Tea Party; but what is the tea party today? Are we using it to our advantage? Are the Neo-Cons hijacking of the movement going to benefit us or them?

We need to get back on our horse and ride it to freedom.

Maybe another TEA PARTY Money Bomb or some event to associate Ron Paul with Tea Party once again.

Something BIG.