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I believe that Ron coming in a close second at AMES was the best possible outcome!

If you think about the possible outcomes at Ames, the following becomes apparent:

1. If Ron did poorly, he would have gotten some negative press, predominantly a bunch of people saying "look, I told you this would happen". He would have been mostly ignored though, and dare I say, rightfully so. It would have demonstrated that the campaign and the movement had not progressed to the stage of being competitive at a top tier level.

2. If Ron had walked away with it, I mean smoked the competition, the media was already prepared to declare the straw poll as an insignificant event. They would have merely dismissed it and the victory would have likely been a very hollow one.

3. The best possible outcome for our cause and for Ron is that he virtually tied with a candidate that the MSM currently wants to give legs to. They were well prepared to work the Bachman win into the ground, but because Ron was within striking distance of winning, but DIDN'T win, I believe that the MSM found themselves in uncharted territory.

At least they were not immediately prepared with exactly how to move forward. Their choices were to either play up both candidates as successful, claim neither candidate did anything of importance, or give props to the winner while freezing out the second place candidate. Playing up both candidates would have gone against the unwritten marching orders of marginalizing Ron, so that choice was not viable. Devaluing the straw poll all together would have been, IMHO, the best option if the goal was to marginalize Ron, but for reasons I cannot fully explain, they apparently dismissed this path because of some desire to work the Bachman story. I do not understand why they would give props to her if the long term goal is to spoon feed Plasticman Mitt to us? So they went with door number three, hoping to achieve both objectives: Prop up Bachman while simultaneously marginalizing Ron Paul. I believe this was an AMAZING stroke of good luck for our movement because it back fired on them in a way that they apparently could not have possibly forseen. Ron has gotten incredible press because of their foolish mistake, and the blowback is a birthday present for Ron and the cause. This could not have worked out better if someone had planned it!

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Ames not Aims

Iowa people would be upset... :-)

My bad....

Sorry all you Iowans out there. Spelling and I don't get along - its a type of conformism ;~)

Liberty is not free, It must be earned!

Nailed it

I agree so much with this that I would have considered driving more Bachmann voters in for the straw poll! Joking...but so true.

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A toast

to your critical thinking.


because all of this month's beer money is going to the doctor on his birthday.