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We need to bring Ron Paul's antiwar message to the forefront

Ron Paul needs to show a little bit of showmanship about his service in the military. The next debate when he is on the topic of war I believe he should stress his time in war and seeing it up close and how no other candidate can claim the same. Also he needs to stress the campaign contributions he receives from active military to that of all the rest of the GOP field.

I understand he is not a one-upper but I believe when the lights are shining at the next debate and there are 5x as many viewers, this is where he needs to shine. He gets his point across in some interviews but, but, when all the media is circling around the event, they cannot ignore such a view. They cannot ignore such a fact when the pro-war a-holes are so readily to send our young women and men to war for the benefit of the military industrial complex. It will also get all of those blue republicans on the fence with this puppet president to come our way.

This post is significant to the comment the Sergeant made yesterday.

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I agree about his military background, and I don't

understand why he never mentions he serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Why doesn't he use this to his advantage? Who else running for the GOP nomination has any foreign affairs experience? Maybe Newt or Sanitarium, but they are has beens. What's Romney going to say 'I had foreign relations running the Olympic committee'. Oh, can't forget Huntsman, the Obama Chinese Ambassador. Is there rules that say Ron can't say, 'I have seen the intelligence first hand, all the others rely on hear say, much of it siding with special interest lobbyists pressures'??? Then he also needs to tell people why they call him Dr No. All the other candidates all have ties to some special interest group or lobbyists. Mr Cowboy slickster, Rick 'Al Gore' Perry got huge donations from Meark, abused his Gov. executive power to force teen girls to get,Guadasil shots that where never proven to work and had major side effects, and hired their lobbyists on his staff. I'm sure Dr Paul being a GYN probably knows a lot about cervical disease, one might think. Slick Rick has tried to build a wall around this issue, saying he did it, because he hates cancer. He failed to recall Dr Paul, an OB/GYN can penetrate this charade. Ron's going to have to tell things like they really are, if he is going to win. He needs to refer to General Smedley Butler's military prowess and his book 'War is a Racket'. Then explain how every war is about money and debts owed to the corrupt international banking cartel, that run the Fed and the other central bank members of the Bank of International Settlements in Geneva Switzerland. This gets into dangerous territory, but that's what it's going to take to defeat the global elites in control. The only way to victory over tyranny is Revolution by the Commons, who must have their 'evil' spell broken. It also is our responsibility to help in this awakening the populace to the Truth. If you are Christian, if you can memorize Scripture, or carry a bookmarked Bible, to show them Christ's teachings are totally against the ways we have killed all these people in these unjust wars. Christ says to befriend your enemies and make peace. Wars are to be fought by army against army, not army against civilians protecting their families and land. Christians aren't supposed to follow Old Testament ways of war, as Christ denounced those ways. If you speak or show them Scripture, they can't dispute it. Most don't read the Bible, they just follow what their Zionist minister's tell them, as they do with the media.