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My letter to Fox Nation regarding 'Front-runner' poll..........

Dear Fox Nation,

As I was reading the online article on the link below, I noticed a poll that had been set up at the lower right corner of the page entitled: 'In a 3-way race, who would you support in the GOP Primary?'


I think this poll is a good example of how media drives the selection of major party nominees in today's electoral process. I understand that your news organization is only trying to get a pulse on which way the winds are blowing, but to exclude all but three candidates creates a false perception that there are only three candidates worthy of the public vote.

To date, I count 15 people that have officially declared their candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination, yet the media chooses to concentrate their coverage on just 3 'front-runners'.

Since when did the media become 'king-maker'? Doesn't the viewer deserve better? Doesn't the voter deserve better? Do you assume that the voter is stupid? Do you think that we will fail in our decision to elect a nominee? When will the News industry realize that punditry disguised as news is a parasite to our democracy? When will the corporate media finally return to honest news broadcasting and shy away from the sensational op-ed reporting?

Since everyone nowadays is into 'speculation', I'll offer one of my own. If the Fox News organization were to be honest with itself and the public and cover each of the 15 candidates equally in an unbiased, unopinionated manner, we would see 3 completely different people in today's Republican 'top-tier'.

Sadly, I don't think that any of today's News organizations are responsible or ethical enough to hedge my bet.


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