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Are building codes a violation of private property?

Should gov't force property owners to build homes and building according to their standards? I feel that is an assault on our liberties.

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1. Yes they are

2. They're not relevant to a presidential campaign.

Building codes are fine, the

Building codes are fine, the problem is the fees you have to pay to people to make sure it's okay.

Architechs, Engineers, Inspectors (fees), Permits. It should be much more simple. These people exist to design and build safe houses and play game with the laws.

A better way, that happens in rural areas is the No insurance if it aint built to code and certified. Maybe a note on the paper when you try to sell it.

I built my house myself, it's under construction, I live in it. No one bothers me, no permits, but I built to code as best I understood it. 90 gust 120mph for 6 hrs straight and all I lost was a little metal roofing, the sheating was fine. $500 later I replaced it and still got the ones that blew off for sheds - no harm.

HOA's - well you sold your soul when you bought into it, and every month when you pay it.


Yes, absolutely. Building

Yes, absolutely. Building codes pervert the law in that you are guilty till you prove you are inocent. Building codes are a scam perpetrated by corrupt government and the insurance industry. The way it has evolved it amount to asking for permission to use your property rather than protecting us from faulty construction practices.

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In an ideal world ...

where property rights reign supreme.

I would agree.

If a person damages another persons property or life because of shoddy work and negligence and a remedy is available, then I would agree, there would be no need for building codes.

However ...

The state has stepped in and created a moral hazard limiting the bonding requirements that would be required by private lenders and investors and homeowners that does not recognize the true risk that land improvements create.

So, in order to reduce the moral hazard, the state has carved out another moral hazard. The state, in its infinite wisdom decided that if buildings are constructed according to the building codes, only then, will they be immune from the full risk of improvements on one's land.

In the world we live in, building codes are a necessity.

in short..

however, i guess if you decide to join a neighborhood association that has rules/codes, you are signing away some of your rights.. correct?


Of course it is.