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Poll: Paul's 14% Tops Bachmann's 10% in NH


Rick Perry's entrance into the presidential race has done two things to Michele Bachmann. One: It has prevented her from getting much liftoff outside of Iowa after her narrow win in Ames. Two: It might be closing off her path to an upset win outside of Iowa and Minnesota, both caucus states. The new Magellan poll of New Hampshire puts Bachmann in fourth place, behind both Perry and Ron Paul.

Romney - 36%
Perry - 18%
Paul - 14%
Bachmann - 10%
Cain - 3%
Huntsman - 3%
Gingrich - 2%
Santorum - 1%

Paul's polling at about twice what he scored in New Hampshire last time.

With Gary Johnson getting no traction, and with Democrats having no real cause to vote in their primary, that's a lot of libertarian and anti-war voters in play. One in seven voters back him; these are voters that Perry and Bachmann would like if they're going to surprise in New Hampshire and start playing in the other states.

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yea, but not the funny kind

or as billy bob said, "not funny 'ha ha'"


reported on this event. it was a "soft" hit piece. reported were "a few hundred people attended this HQ opening". anyone here there for the event? looks like more than a few hundred.

also, they spoke to his lack of electability...that he was simply a "message candidate". typical.

still gonna get my email response

"Romney - 36%"

I guess Live Free or Die should read Be a Slave and Exist.

anti ron paul subliminal messages in prime time TV shows!!!

Found this while surfing and had a real WTF moment. These guys need to be sued for this HARD so Hollywood has some incentive not to listen to the Bilderburgs when making their "hit" (shit) TV programs.


Yes! All These Additional Candidates Entering The GOP Race Are

entering to stop Ron Paul..Make no mistake about that folks.

They don't just want to defeat him, they want to send a strong message that no Tea Party Candidate is going to win the White House.

They just don't want to beat Ron Paul, they want to slaughter him..

What they don't seem to understand is Ron Paul supporters are solid and adding another Neocon Stooge will just further dilute the "STATUS QUO"

but they're all jokes

Perry and Bachmann are the only 2 in "real" competition and that is stretching it. Perry is gay and has had numerous issues where it affected his home life, work life and has used tax dollars and campaign contributions on gay affairs (Trips to drag shows and employing gay sex partners in his staff (formerly one of his staff and currently the on staff cook at his $10,000 per month governors mansion)). This is all well documented. Not that there is anything wrong with this (except spending our tax dollars on his sex life, I don't want my tax dollars subsidizing anyone's sex life but my own), but we won't be having a gay president in the US until well after we have one that endorses gay activities. Bachmann is the worst kind of joke, I can't honestly in asking over 10,000 people find one that says they would vote for her. She is so disliked that she bought over 6,000 votes and only got a little north of 4,800. Not only that but she has had way too many photos with bush while he was president which would hurt her anyway. This ditz only hurt her chances of being re-elected to congress by running for president.

Is there any documented proof

that Rick Perry is gay or use to be gay?


BTW I'm about 2 days ahead of the mainstream media. Feel free to call them and mention that Perry spent taxpayer dollars to employ gay lovers outside of his marriage. Send it to Colbert first though he might be able to make a funny joke building on his vote for perry with an "a" (parry) segments.

"they want to send a strong

"they want to send a strong message that no Tea Party Candidate is going to win the White House."

...unless that Tea Party candidate comes from their version of the Tea Party.

It's a GOP "STATUS QUO" Tag Team

I heard RP say jokingly that if he did not get the R nomination that he might just run as a Dem.

Paul passes Media's SElection Frontrunner

In Today's Fox online poll
Who will be the GOP presidential nominee?
Michele Bachmann 3.06% (269 votes)

Ron Paul 68.25% (6,004 votes)

Rick Perry 18.98% (1,670 votes)

Mitt Romney 4.08% (359 votes)

Someone yet to enter race 4.27% (376 votes)

Other 1.35% (119 votes)

Another one bites the dust....
Okay Fox Krauthammer, Karl & Hemmer, Poll out your Palin.

Was Watching Faux News

And they had Sarah Palin on, sounds like she is getting close to announcing a run. They're pulling out the stops to to Ron Paul aren't they?

FromJericho is Right! Most of us don't have a land line phone..

fromJericho is right! Most Ron Paul supporters don't own land lines (Home phones)

That encourages the Vote Fraud People to cheat RP based on The polls. If we had a true and accurate poll on the candidates, I know Ron Paul would poll much higher and I think most you would all agree...

Awww shucks.... :)

Thanks, dude! Appreciate the love! RON PAUL 2012!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

I am seeing a large number of

I am seeing a large number of my friends and their friends supporting RP or at least asking me about him. One of my friends was registered republican for some reason but a die-hard Liberal - he has renounced Obama and is voting for Paul.

I'm telling everyone to get organized and network. Tell everyone you know to donate on the 20th - make sure you explain to them that the donations don't have to be large - winning an election is a numbers game. 100,000 donors at $10 each is $1 million dollars - you can see how that multiplies. Make sure you tell them this - "no donation is too small". There are huge psychological barriers to giving money away even if people agree with the cause. If the amount is low, it is much easier to overcome the barrier.

We are on Facebook daily posting stuff and discussions on RP. Reach out to Democrats...

IF Rasmussen called CELL PHONES, We would win everytime

Check this out:


"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

most polling companies are

most polling companies are now including cellphones. we cannot ignore the results of these polls - there is still lots of work to do.

All Gut Feel, No Numbers, But...

As a former Mass-hole, I know many people who moved out of the Boston area to NH in order to avoid all sorts of ridiculous taxes/fees (not to mention some of the most oppressive gun laws in the country). There was even a time I also know that Romney was not as loved by Massachusetts as everyone would have you think - when he was starting to run for President while still Governor, his approval ratings went way down. Massachusetts always saw him as an opportunist, but "our Opportunist". New Hampshire people are generally weary of Mass-holes. My gut and interactions tell me the "Live Free or Die" state should less interested in Romney/more interested in Paul, but I hate not having statistics to back me up.

Old, White, and Republican

95% - White

78% - Over 45 yrs old

70% - Republican

All things considered, I think Ron Paul did pretty well considering his strongest group of supporters were virtually left out of the poll.(only 7% were in the 18-34 age group)


♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫



It May be Surprising...

But the 95% white number is actually proportionate to the state population:

(first line in second section)

I'd say these numbers might be off by a percentage point or two, but theyre probably quite accurate overall.

I wouldn't say the age

I wouldn't say the age numbers are on, however.

all the liberals move from MA to NH

because the cost of living with socialized romneycare is too damn expensive.

this is the only reason i can see that would explain why romney is polling so high in NH.

Give Guido some love

Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines/Harry Cole - libertarians). Have noticed the poor treatment of RP in the US MSM.

Can we give them some love in their comments so that they write more pieces on Ron Paul and spread the message far and wide?


Waking up is hard to do

Kind of embarrassing that the state where they are trying to get a bunch of libertarians to move to is voting en mass for Romney, the posterchild for the republocrats.

This makes some sense..

I read this comment somewhere and went back to actually check the poll... he makes a good arguement. Lets hope things keep improving.

"This poll is 93% people over 35. Younger people would vote for Ron Paul, and they will. Poll debunked."

Actually the poll is fairly

Actually the poll is fairly accurate regarding age. From the 2008 New Hampshire Republican Primary
18-24 (9%)
25-29 (5%)
30-39 (15%)
40-49 (23%)
50-64 (34%)
65 or Over (15%)

So 72% of voters are over the age of 40.

source: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/primaries/results/epolls/#N...

The numbers are better under

The numbers are better under 35, but Romney is still in front. Poll stands.

Actually, does anybody know what the actual voting (rather than polling) demographics are likely to be?

Strange how Romney has high poll numbers BUT....

when the vote came out in Iowa, he had like 700 votes. Now I do get it that officially Romney didn't compete in the Straw poll, but the reality was Romney was polling some 20% percent in Iowa and he was in the Iowa debate and he was out shaking hands and kissin babies and givin speeches there.... so how or why would he get just 700 or so votes if he is that popular?

Now he is supposed to be 36% popular in New Hampshire?


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He's not popular and that's

He's not popular and that's where the truth lies... all Romney truly is is an image the media has created but with truth and substance he's not there. Ron Paul will trump that joker. Also the fundraising he's had in the millions comes from special interest corporations unlike Ron Paul who leads in fundraising with the average donation less than 200 bucks.