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The BEST grassroots ACTIVISM idea to SPREAD THE WORD!

I have believed and voted for the Republican Party line since Reagan. I thought that Ron Paul was crazy...because the establishment TOLD me that he was crazy. Then, by accident, I began to listen...

If I am any indication, it is not billboards nor yard signs nor T-shirts that change people's minds. Rather, it is the EXPOSURE to NEW IDEAS that changes minds.

This is exactly how I was transformed into an ardent supporter of Dr. Paul. A strong, vibrant seed was planted that encouraged study and further exploration...and I've never looked back.

I am planning on doing the following in my city of 7000+. It can best be summarized by the slogan:

"Not signs, but IDEAS, change minds!"

I am initially purchasing ten copies of Dr. Paul's book, 'Liberty Defined'. If you have not read this particular work you should know that it is divided into individual stand-alone chapters. Each of the chapters deals with a different issue and makes a very powerful argument about the nation's direction and the solutions to our current problems.

I am picking out the best, least ideologically offensive TWENTY CHAPTERS from each book, and then I am using a razor blade to cut each of them out.

Then, I am hole-punching and taking each INDIVIDUAL chapter AND TYING IT TOGETHER using a looped ribbon - with a short and urgent HANDWRITTEN note attached.

I am then taking each of these individual chapters and HANGING a DIFFERENT ONE on each of the front doors of the homes in my community. The HANDWRITTEN note says the following:


Dear Friend,

If you held in your hands the answers that might solve our nation's problems, would you read them?

I ask you - for the continued health and welfare of our country – to read this.


If reading this in anyway encourages you, or stimulates your thinking, trade your chapter with a neighbor as they have been given a different chapter.

If what you read makes sense to you, then please seek out a copy of the book 'Liberty Defined'. If what you read changes you - for the sake of our country - please pass the book along to your relatives and friends.


If you have any questions - or even complaints, you are always more than welcome to contact me at 417-xxx-xxxx.


Bradley Mowell


Think about it! Just 10 books x 20 chapters = 200 homes = potential access to the minds of HUNDREDS!

Isn't PLANTING IDEAS a better use of our resources than PLANTING SIGNS? I say that we SPREAD IDEAS!

THE MAIN DRAW: People are so INUNDATED with computer printed graphics in the form of mailers, postcards, billboards, signs, etc that they just look right past them. A HANDWRITTEN NOTE on the other hand ALWAYS gets a read.

The reverse of the old world is that in our modern world it is the HANDWRITTEN ITEM that commands the attention! Because it is a rarity.

We should spread the ideas! Plant the seeds! Even if only ONE person out of those two hundred homes becomes a Paul supporter, that person may take action themselves. If so, we've won!

Just follow the math.

Here is an article recently published about the way that ideas spread within a populace, and the tipping point necessary to make those ideas become the mainstream. It's only ten percent, people! Only TEN PERCENT!


We have 15 months! We can do this!

Why buy the WHOLE BOOK for someone when a single chapter may hook them and stir them to purchase it themselves?

I apologize for the religious analogy, but John the Baptist laid the groundwork for Jesus so that the people would be ready to hear his message. I think that this would be a perfect way to lay the groundwork for the debates! It is, after all, EXACTLY what won ME over!

And a final word of encouragement to everyone:

DO NOT LISTEN to those protesting about how Ron Paul is unelectable. That resistance is coming from the VERY SAME PEOPLE who have supported and voted into office the candidates that got us into the dire mess that we are currently trying to get ourselves out of - candidates WHO SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ELECTED because better “unelectable” candidates existed. When you think about it, what do these folks think that THEY know that you and I don't? Obviously, they DO know one thing: The fine art of how to pick a bad candidate! But it's not their fault. Their minds - like mine before - just haven't been opened yet.


Ron Paul 2012!

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check out this post from yesterday.

sounds like we need to work on this idea.


They are both...

...good ideas.

I'm more of a local-level kind of guy, though. lol

A really good idea. Maybe a

A really good idea.

Maybe a cheaper and more effective idea would be to download just a few videos of Ron talking either on the house floor or in front of an audience and record a dvd and leave that at the door with the same note.

Or instead of leaving the chapters of the book at a door maybe a better idea would be to leave them in places where people sit down and usually read stuff waiting for something like waiting for their turn at the hairdresser or a doctor's office..

Those are ALL...

...really good suggestions!

The more, the better!

Let's just keep spreading Paul's ideas!


Great Suggestions! I think I am going to start keeping some in my car for when I go into town to shop.

My first book just came in...

...and I'm evaluating each chapter over the next couple of days.

If anyone needs any suggestions, or would like to make any, I'd be happy to hear them!

Pillars of Prosperity

Ron's collated work, "Pillars of Prosperity" (similar to "A Foreign Policy of Freedom) is available free at the mises institute lit section.

It is just a collection of speeches Ron has given from the very beginning of his career up until about 4 years ago when the collection was put together, all dealing with economic policy.

I think this might work well. can't argue against the bang for the buck


Working for the Remnant means working in impenetrable darkness; and this, I should say, is just the condition calculated most effectively to pique the interest of any prophet who is properly gifted with the imagination, insight and intellect


...and I am going to check those out first thing when I wake up!

You may very well have just made my month!


Freedom is amazing

This is a great idea! Free people who are allowed to be creative are wonderful thing to behold.

Please share how it is received.


Liberty = Responsibility

Very well organized and

Very well organized and played. I too believe education is the key. Congress could be filled with 90% libertarian leaning congressmen but as long as people are lied to and don't discover the truth, everything would just go back to how it is now.

I always focused on talking to individuals and groups. Going to town hall meetings and meeting w/ my elected overlord is pointless and I have a bit more self respect than to beg my slaveowner.

Liberty Definrd

Why not just download and print out chapters from the free E-Book available online.

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

Free ebook? Is it a legally free ebook...

...or a torrent site.

Do you have a link? I didn't see anything that was from a legitimate site on google.

I have no interest in violating copyright. lol


Does anyone have suggestions as to...

...the best chapters to use?

I would like to know that, as

I would like to know that, as well..

I'll post chapters...

...my hardcover copies come in. Currently, I only have the book on Audiobook and it makes it somewhat difficult to divide them into categories without listening to them all over again.

The post at the top of the thread about quite a number of Paul's speeches being on the mises.org site in written form is something that I plan on exploring as well.

We Don't Need To Re-invent The Wheel

Ron Paul's campaign needs volunteers.


May our efforts in support of Congressman Ron Paul be blessed with supernatural success.

I already signed up...

...haven't heard anything back yet, though. :-)

I disagree

We don't want everybody just doing the 4 things the official campaign wants. We want a testing ground where thousands of people are creatively trying all kinds of things then discovering great ideas that work good. It's called free markets and innovation.

Wow! That's a great point...

...I never thought about it like that, though I SHOULD have.


Thanks, but HOW would this be re-inventing the wheel...

...in areas of the country, like mine, that do not have a strong Ron Paul grassroots presence.

Could you explain your reasoning?

I'm not sure how putting out just signage is going to change anyone's mind, when it is ideas that change people's minds.

Ron's 'Ideas' are what changed mine. :-)



reedr3v's picture

Bradley, you are a genius activist;

this idea is so simple, actionable, do-able. Let's go! We can paper our neighborhoods with real ideas and get minds thinking, dialogue stimulated.

Well, it was just something I hope more people might adopt...

...and from my limited experience in advertising, even with just the partially HANDWRITTEN format it should garner attention over just a mailer/flyer.

It always did in my store, and various other businesses that I managed. The results were always dramatic from an exposure standpoint.


Excellent Idea!!!! That will

Excellent Idea!!!! That will surely ignite the brushires of liberty.I am starting now.


... you made my day. I was part of he Revolution in 2007. We started off slowly in the summer of 2007 and then it gained momentum. By February 2008 it was a total blast. It's beginning to feel like "February 2007," but is it only the summer of 2011. What is it gonna be like by February 2012? OK, Face Book Money Bomb, the mother of all bombs: 400,000 friends times $100 = $40 million. Why aim low? Heck, we can do it. With Bradley's enthusiasm, we can surely do it... and we will!

Plano TX

You bet! If even a quarter of

You bet!

If even a quarter of us do something likes this we can affect a huge amount of people! I'll let everyone know how it goes in my community once I get started.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Liberty Defined...

...has already been split up into chapters and is available online. I'll have to find the links, and then I'll share with you.

Wonderful idea, William!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

cool! you mean to purchase,

cool! you mean to purchase, correct?

I just wouldn't feel right

I just wouldn't feel right about printing it out and distributing it without permission. :-)


This is actually a sickening good idea. I really like it.

Eric Hoffer

I think that it is, too.

I think that it is, too.

me too

I like it!