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Trump tells Hannity he will run for president as independent if he dislike s GOP choice

Trump says he would take more votes from Obama than from Republican

Hannity begged him not to do this

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the BANK SYSTEM never gives us a footing

If Ron Paul became the GOP nominee Donald Trump would run Independent just to split the vote and make Obama king.The Banks really are clever SOB-s.

He wants to stay in the spotlight - like Palin.

He may also be working for the Dems. My 2 cents.

hahaha.. please donald run.

hahaha.. please donald run. all you will do is pull votes from obombya.

I heard this too

Trump said if the Republicans nominate a bad candidate, and there's a chance they may, he would strongly consider running 3rd party.

There was no doubt in my mind he was referring to Paul.

I'm unsure...

I've only heard him speak in very neutral terms on Ron Paul. But that says a lot in todays atmosphere.

We need to push him on his views on the Good Dr.

The tides are changing!

does anyone know...

How do we get a copy of End The Fed to Trump?? He's a smart enough guy, maybe that book could have an impact on him.

Trump sucks

He said if the GOP picks the wrong candidate he will run ,it was right after he said nice things about Rick perry,

No doubt in my mind he meant paul

So even if we beat these bastards and get the nomination he will Play spoiler

Nice huh? Yea he really cares about this country




The question is: Who does

The question is: Who does Trump like?

Trump says he would take away

Trump says he would take away more votes from Obama than Orlando from Republican

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