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Facebook Likes: Ron Paul has finally surpassed Bachmann!

As of 4:13 pm CT 8/17/11, Ron Paul's Facebook 'like' count has reached 461,385 and rising by the second; Bachmann's seems to have plateaued at ~461,352. Just for your information.


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Onward to half a milli a

Onward to half a milli a milli a milli!

Now, if we could only get those 400+K likers to donate

at least $25 a month, we would be flush.

Not shabby...

Not shabby...

HOLY SMOKES thats hot

415,000 likes!?WHOA.


since the coverage of the no coverage, the FB like rate has tripled or quadrupled...RP was more than a thousand behind MB this morning....he sprinted right past her. holy sH*t.


front runner

and opening it up by 100 likes in about 20 minutes......over MB......media blowback......................


romney next

RP just added 44 in the same time romney added 7, romney has 1,084,207.....We can see the next milestone.....