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Reposting: What If Ron Paul Was President? AMAZING Rap Song

This rap song about Ron Paul is seriously impressive - and I'm not even a fan of rap. Great lyrics, great sound and passionate vocals. Saw it only had about 25k hits on You Tube. This needs to be shared with the RP community more broadly. It will pump you up!


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Wow, I'm getting old

I can barely discern the lyrics, the words run together too fast. But if there's support out there that listens to this stuff, that's great! I hope they enjoy it! I'm just too old...

Great stuff...

spread it far and wide.

Love that song

I also listen to Diabolic. I wish we could get him on the rock the revolution tour.

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Fantastic Song!!


Ron Paul should make this his

Ron Paul should make this his official campaign song, and post it on ronpaul2012.com

What a great tune...sounds like Eminem.

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why is this not on the front

why is this not on the front page?

I really don't listen to rap,

except for certain songs like this that have true meaning and thoughtfulness. And actually, the rythm and beat are pretty good in this song. I praise the artists and the poster of this message.


Great song

I can tell someone put a lot of effort and time into this song. Well done, should reach a lot of young people and young at heart.

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I need the acapella track if you know the artist!

I can make a really good remix with my dj skillz

No idea, but...

follow the You Tube screen name on the video... I think it's concise, maybe?


... views.... impressive.

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It's just a bunch of hackers

It's just a bunch of hackers in their mothers basement voting this up, nothing to see here.....

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