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The Hill: GOP field encroaches on Paul’s turf with sharp attacks on the Fed

From the piece:

Paul literally wrote the book on taking down the central bank with the best selling End the Fed, and now it seems several GOP candidates are singing from the same hymnbook.


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My comment...

... at your bidding:

Thank you, Peter, for an objective article, full of facts and unlike what the ever irrelevant mainstream media dishes up on Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2007/8 was quite extraordinary. It built momentum from the summer of 2007 and well into the summer of 2008, right up to time of the GOP National Convention, an event from which the Politburo banned Ron Paul. No problem. His supporters held their own convention, bigger, better and more liberating, just next door to the GOP's flophouse.

This campaign is no different, except it is starting to feel like "February 2008," but it is only the beginning. Hold onto your seats and do yourself a favor, follow the campaign closely. Never again in our lifetimes.

Plano TX

Good article. Great comments.

Thanks for posting.

Ron Paul is A Leader Among Leaders

Nobody in our nation offers the type of leadership which Ron Paul has to offer.

Hands down, the cream of the crop!

The tides are changing!