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I will vote for Ron Paul, come Hell or High Water

I'm pledging right now that, even if he does not win the Republican nomination for President in 2012, I will vote for Ron Paul, by write-in if necessary. I make this pledge because I see a vote for Bachmann, Romney, Perry or Obama as just a vote for GW Bush 3.0; a vote to maintain the status quo; a vote against liberty; a vote to ensure the continued slavery of the American people to this corporatocracy of banks, corporations and the military industrial complex. I don't want any of that, and so I will vote for Ron Paul, come hell or high water.

I read here before that the GOP needs the RP supporters to ensure victory over Obama, and they are right. They are afraid we're going to waste our vote and allow Obama to continue his reign of socialist policies. I say if they aren't smart enough, or are just too damned brainwashed to understand that a vote for any of the 3 "top tier" republican candidates is a vote for nothing much different than Obama, then that's who they deserve as their president.

Let them and everyone else do as they wish, but as for me and my house, we will vote Ron Paul: for peace, for liberty, and for prosperity.

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So, you will be getting Ron registered as a write in your state?

If you don't then you only THINK you will be voting for him as a write-in, but you'll be deluding yourself.

FBI_Exposer is right

A threat to write in a candidate is laughed at by the powers that be. Write ins are typically ignored. To make it worse, in some states a write in causes the entire ballot to be provisional, which makes none of your votes count.

Is Perturbed registered Republican?
If Perturbed lives in a caucus state, will he/she be going to caucus?
Is Perturbed going to monthly county GOP meetings and making friends on common GOP issues?

Threatening to write in a candidate is hollow.