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Here's why Ron Paul doesn't win the Rasmussen polls.....

This is straight from the Rasmussen website in their FAQ section:

Do You Poll Cell Phones?

"While we do not currently call cell phones directly when conducting our surveys, to reach those who have abandoned traditional landline telephones, Rasmussen Reports uses an online survey tool to interview a demographically diverse panel. Just like our telephone surveys, respondents for this approach are selected on a random basis to insure the reliability of the sample. As a result, you cannot sign up to participate."

Ok, here's the deal: Ron Paul supporters are young. Most of us don't own traditional landlines. We are the cell phone generation. We pay to have a phone that goes everywhere with us, it's kinda the smarter, cheaper thing to do. Anyway, most of the folks who have landlines are older babyboomers and those from the "greatest" generation, ya know, "neo-cons". (NOT ALL OF THEM, Just most of them). Anyway, if the majority of our support base doesn't have landlines, then this explains the low numbers in national polling surveys. As far as their "e-mail polling" goes, I have to wonder where exactly they're getting these certified email addresses of REAL people. How do they know they're not calling the same people they email?..Sounds fishy to me. Also, I know several people with landlines who have participated in Rasmussen phone polls, but I have yet to meet ANYONE who has participated in a Rasmussen email poll. So, if you've participated in one, let us know about it. Anyway, I hope this serves to boost your spirits a bit. Remember, the Perry, Bachmann, and Romney folks are also the people who have landlines... (they also use slide-rulers and sun-dials!...haha).

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I was paying for 3 cellphones

for my family and I gave up my landline phone about 3 years ago. It was a waste of money.

all I have is a cell phone and Im 36 years old.

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Land line ???

u mean that thing with a dial ?

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

There are other reasons too...

I don't participate in any poll on principle. I value my time and my answers. If they are making a product out of my answers, they should pay me.
I suspect many libertarians hold a similar view.
Also, a person who answers phone, does not represent the entire family.
Finally, people who are home, not working, and/or on welfare, would be disproportionally represented in the polls. Those people may not be natural Ron Paul supporters.
Ron Paul should hire some well-known pollsters whose results are widely acceptable and ask them to better design their polls.

never looked at it like that

never looked at it like that before.

It appears that we know where our weakness is so...

Start campaigning at senior centers, that seems like the best solution. The young people are behind Ron Paul, so now it is time to draw in the senior vote. Bring the troops home should ring well amount seniors.

You're on to something! Ron Paul Youth to visit Nursing Homes?..

Win or lose, this would be a great idea! So many elderly people sit in nursing homes day after day waiting to hear from their kids and grandkids, and yet no one ever comes. Just imagine how much it would brighten someone's day if a bunch of young, energetic, go-getter, Ron Paul kids showed up at the nursing home! I'm gonna see what I can put together in my neck of the woods... and once again, great idea!

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

A Land Line Is The Traditional Home Phone...

In the military we call it the "Land Line"

What's a land line, lol?

What's a land line, lol?

The piece of...

... string between the two cups, with Rusmussen at the one end doing a poll.

Plano TX

Great point. I have not

Great point. I have not owned a landline in 10 years...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Don't they also just poll

"likely Republican voters"? If so, I am not a "likely Republican voter". And no Ron Paul supporter I personally know within a 20 mile radius just votes straight ticket Republican..So, I would never be included in these polls. And as mentioned above, I do not own a landline phone any longer.

If this is not how they operate with the Rasmussen poll, disregard my comment. I know a lot of these polls do operate with the "likely Republican" line though..


Yes, and likely Republican voter is someone who voted in

previous elections they are polling for.

They get voter lists which show past voting history. (not actual votes, just that you showed up)

They use this to determine how likely you are to show up on election day.

Of course, in states that allow non-republicans to vote in GOP primaries, or where you can register on the spot to do so, they should be polling ALL likely voters, not just GOP.

As well, they should account for people who are presently NOT registered GOP and have not voted GOP in the past, but WILL be doing so in order to vote for Ron Paul.

It's a great thought and could be true..

but we've been using this excuse for over 4 years now...although I don't doubt that it has a small amount of impact. The truth is, we need to get his name out there and we need to see some friggin advertising.