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Facebook idea - target T-Paw supporters

Here's an idea and I apologize if others have already suggested it. I just went to the Facebook page for Tim Pawlenty and saw that seven of my friends "like" him. NONE of them "like" Ron Paul (on Facebook).

So I went to the Ron Paul page on facebook and used the "share" link on the left hand side. I then sent each of those seven friends a nice message saying "I see that you're a T-Paw supporter. Now that he's out of the Presidential race, I hope you'll look into Ron Paul." Send.

Targeted advertising is always good --- while T-Paw was definitely more attractive to "mainstream" Republicans, it's more likely they will at least check out the good Dr. than someone who is apolitical or extremely liberal.

Anybody else done this? Go ahead and try, it's really simple and quick.

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