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Promoting Paul in national magazines

I was thinking how much would it cost to have advertisements in some of the more circulated magazines. Typically buying ads can acquire matching editorial space.

For example, AARP is a lobby group for retiree's but also has the second largest distribution in the US. How much would it cost to advertise that Ron Paul would allow seniors to keep their 401k's tax free...? That he would end the wars and make it so savings retained value, so $500 saved for their grandkids, would still be worth $500 when they retired.

If you look at AARP Magazine, there is a big smiling Obama at the bottom telling them what he'll give them for Medicare..etc. Obviously he's smarter than I am and way ahead. http://www.aarp.org/magazine/

Here's a list of the largest circulated magazines, scroll down to see the US magazines:

I don't know where to get the information about costs, but I remember in 2008 people buying ads in local papers or nationwide to support Paul and I think it would be good to try and target demographics and have potential PAC fundraising goals.

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That's a great idea...

...but I think this would be more of a grassroots level option for everyone: