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"The Ballots are not in the Vault" NH Primary 2008 elections tampered.Evidence

I know you guys are all excited and also aggrivated with the propaganda going on in the media but here is a reminder of what happends during the New Hampshire primary.


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At least if they are going to rig the election process

they should rig the voting machines to squirt blood on the hands of anyone who votes in the primaries for any of the war mongering Republican candidates, which essentially includes everyone but Ron Paul.

And surely in the general election the lever for Obama should squirt blood on the hand on any who pulls it. He is a proven murderer of innocent people in foreign lands as well as sending US troops to their deaths in wars of US aggression.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

This must NEVER be allowed to

This must NEVER be allowed to happen. I KNOW they cheated Ron In N.H. When I got the news from the "live free or die state" that he came in 5th, I felt like I had been shot.

It is nice to believe in tampered vote totals

But think, if elections were rigged, why do politicians spend SO much money trying to get elected? Why would Congress go to such an effort to fill bills with pork barrel projects trying to buy votes in their district, if they could just rig the elections and be done with it?

And if the Republican party has a hand in manipulating the vote counts in their own primaries, then whoop de doo! They can put any candidate they want up for election, primaries be damned! They are a PRIVATE PARTY! If they wanted, they could hold primaries, tally the votes, declare a winner, and then throw out the results and nominate Jeb Bush!

Challenge everything and the path will be clear.

"They can put any candidate

"They can put any candidate they want up for election, primaries be damned! They are a PRIVATE PARTY!"

Because the people who vote in the primaries wouldn't stand for it. The appearance that you are choosing the candidate is what it is all about.


My parents were volunteers when I was a kid. Everyone participates in counting and verifying the vote, and all you have to do is make sure that's what gets reported.

If each polling place does that, we're golden.

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When you were a kid, votes

When you were a kid, votes weren't counted by computers.

They have the SAME Secretary of State now!!!

Bill Gardner. This is very disturbing. I remember hearing the story of a whole extended family who all voted for Ron Paul, and when they looked at the tally for their town it came back as ZERO votes for Ron Paul. That Sec'y of State was obviously up to no good. Are there laws about chain of custody?

There must be a way for the campaigns to supervise the ballot security procedures. If I were Jesse Benton I would ask for a meeting with the Sec'y of State and bring this video. Have him watch it with him and ask him either what was up with this or how are we going to have confidence that this won't happen again. And we want REAL security seal tape. AND most likely this place will be crawling with our supporters with cameras.

Hopefully, the grassroots in NH is a lot bigger now - and will hold this guy accountable.

A LOT more people than just

A LOT more people than just Jessie Benton should go to his office...FOR SURE. Lots of people who do not want this sort of travesty nor publicity again!!!!

What is the campaign

going to do to keep this fraud from happening again.

Lots of cameras

Video cameras everywhere at every voting place if possible keeping a watchful eye on suspicious activity with the ballot boxes.Have volunteers work as volunteers and report suspicious behavior immediately while working.

I am not sure if there is much

any one can do but to continue to point this blatant manipulation out to the public and hope they realize we are in deep doo doo. That refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem won't solve the problem.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

This is great reminder for people who want to "make nice".

Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes were victims of this kind of voter fraud in McCain's Arizona in 1996.

While members of the general public are usually either misguided or misinformed, the powers that be are clearly evil.
For you Christians, Jesus and John the Baptist repeatedly called these hypocrites out and denounced them.

Bob-45 I'm in full understanding of it and thats why Im un-nice

I don't trust anyone in the GOP because I can't.I might know a few people from the Ron Paul campaign that I can possibly trust but I know that in 2008 someone ratted us out as Ron Paul Republicans who were seeking the super delegate nominations .I became a precinct committee man in District 4 of Arizona's GOP in 2008. I witnessed some very disturbing stuff. I had 5 or 6 pages printed freshly at the AZ GOP state convention every 5 minutes. the List was of delegates that were for McCain and the blacked out names were of delegates who were "uknown" I am assuming. The Chairmen of the AZ party allowed this to go on even while sheriffs were in the Az convention hall. The McCain camp successfully setup a coup on everyone who was trying to be fair and honest about nominating a candidate. This is how evil and dirty the GOP puppeteers will get and its only the tip of the iceberg of what we have seen with our own eyes. I know how rotten and evil they play the game.

This is a good

reminder for people to understand what we are up against and hopefully make people question anything out of the ordinary or lacks common sense. Good luck

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Well, I have never forgotten.

Well, I have never forgotten. I joined the lawsuit which went nowhere. This disrupted the movement, Granny Warrior left, Bev never got anything done in the end, and fraud was RAMPANT. We even paid for a recount. It was awful, and we should be starting NOW, especially at the place where whoever counts the national votes.

Same here

Crickett. It's a shame that not only did NCEL gain little legal traction, but that it too was virtually buried by the media.

Who is to say that Obama wouldn't have the votes stolen

I would never put it past him to use seal team 6( just kidding) but I wouldn't put it passed him to cheat an election for another term.

I don't think Obama

will make the decision on who will be president. I think his handlers do.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Ron Paul Won New Hampshire By Vote Fraud..Bev Harris Has The


Don't you mean Ron LOST NH by

Don't you mean Ron LOST NH by vote fraud?

Yes, Ballot Fraud Expert Bev Harris Was On It!

Alex Jones Interviewed Her About The Whole Mess...

I never saw this. If it

I never saw this. If it wasn't true it would be funny.

I remember it clearly

Everyone was very very disappointed. It was so bizarre that McCain gathered that many votes in New Hampshire according to the demographics of the state.It would be statistically impossible for him to have garnered those votes with his platform and the demographic polling being so different from the turnout. It was like an exciting day that turned into a complete nightmare at the stroke of midnight when all was silent and calm...the ballots were creepily found in the wrong place with these creepy men.

Yeh..and all unsealed and

Yeh..and all unsealed and torn apart..it was just really disgusting. They made us pay THOUSANDS for a recount then screwed us anyway.