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Buddy Roemer? Any Info?

Hey guys,

Anyone know anything about Buddy Roemer? I hadn't heard of the guy until recently when a family member brought him up. Apparently he's running at well?

Any info on if he practices what he's preaching would be appreciated.

Eric Hoffer

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He has a website. And I think he has an interview scheduled


for September!

Seriously, this is not a serious candidate.

He was excluded from the first debate. He promised a "side debate" where he would answer all the questions and post the video of it online.

He never bothered.

I remember when he managed to win here as governor. I don't recall anything horrible that he did, but he wasn't fantastic either. Lackluster would be the best way to describe him. Forgettable would be another good choice.

Buddy endorsed McCain the

Buddy endorsed McCain the last go round in 08' & he also stumped for McCain

He's sort of a non-descript hasbeen politician, made some

crucial big-tax big-favoritism deals in Louisiana when he was governor. Basically a nobody.

Oh, his cajun accent when on the floor is super-annoying. And not saying that a cajun accent in itself is annoying, but rather the way he uses it to possibly try to pawn off an air of authenticity.