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Is Trump the establishment "PLAN B"?

I heard Donald Trump on Shawn Hanity Show today saying that: If the GOP chooses the wrong candidate, he will run as a third party.

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And Trump said he's ....(get this)...hold it.... hold it...

He's anti-war!!!!! I kid you not!

"Why do we have all these wars going on?" Trump said he wants to bring all the troops home and use that money for "infrastructure" because "our roads and bridges are falling down".... and ..."why should we be building them THERE when we need them HERE?"

And Hanity Insanity said in reply.... hold it, hold it....

"Look Donald I don't want you to run third party, you'd split the republican vote! Obama would win. He's got a guaranteed 40% voting base. Look I know what I am talking about, I've studied this for years. Look there still is time to get in this thing. You have until November"

Simply amazing ....

Someone find the clip...

The best part was a caller who came on and said that Trump just was favoring himself to build buildings in democrat run Chicago... LMAO

I never did catch Trump say who the "wrong candidate" would be that gets the GOP nomination, but based on this, logically it should not be Ron Paul !!!

Oh how funny this is..

More over, if Trump was serious about these views, he would have been supporting Dr Paul all along, with words and money.... What a cheesy weasel Trump is...

Simply amazing.

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Trump appears to be in favor

Trump appears to be in favor of Ron's foreign policy so I pray he's not...