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Home made campaign signs

What if instead of using the typical preprinted, mass produced campaign signage that EVERY candidate uses, we instead encouraged supporters to make signs by hand?

It would seem to me that it would not only emphasize the grassroots support Ron Paul has behind him, but it would help send the message that actual people are behind him, taking time out of their day and using their own resources to show their support. It would also help him stand out amongst a sea of others that mass produce campaign signage.

Done on a large enough scale, it might also bring some media attention, God knows he could use more than he's getting!

I know this might be just a wild hair, and I'm not sure how realistic of an idea it is on a large scale, but it sounds very grassroots to me. Who knows, it might even save his campaign some money. I for one will be designing and making my own, grass and roots included.

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