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Campaign Support Ideas

Hey everybody, I'm brand new to the forums and I apologize if this topic has already been covered but I couldn't find anything on it on this site.

We all support Ron Paul and we also know that the media throws him under the bus most of the time. A lot of the supporters that I have heard from have done things such as emailing and complaining to the networks, requesting/demanding more coverage. But I am wondering what ideas you all have in terms of circumventing mainstream media, but doing a little more than just putting up a "Ron Paul 2012" sign in your front yard.

For example, I have the idea of creating flyers that shows how viable of a candidate Ron Paul is. Something that shows how well he does in polls (which most TV watchers never get to see)and basic facts that show that he really does have some of the most (if not THE most) support out of any of the other candidates. To me, this would send a stronger message out there that he should be looked at instead of simply stating "vote for Ron Paul!", which won't necessarily draw anyone to him. Then we can post it up and anyone can print them and put them up in places all around the country.

Post up your thoughts and ideas. We should all be doing something more than just sitting back and hoping he wins the nomination. We should all be proactive in some kind of way if we really want to make this happen.

Also, let us know if you have any talents with things such as flyer/ad making, jingle writing, web capabilities, etc.

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Facebook App

Please read. Could COMPLETELY reshape the news!

I've had this idea for awhile. I could a develop a website (or an add-on for this website) where Ron Paul supporters could essentially sign up to have Ron Paul articles automatically posted to their own Facebook profiles. They would be given a notification a couple days before any article is posted that would let them cancel the posting (ex - if you don't like/agree with the particular article). I think this would essentially turn increase the viewership of Ron Paul articles by millions.

Think about it this way. If we got 10,000 Ron Paul supporters, each with 100 Facebook friends, to post an article twice a week on their Facebook profiles (we would automate this so it is done automatically), that could translate to 1,000,000 people seeing Ron Paul articles! That's as much as our a tv station! Let me know if you like this idea and I'll do it. Once developed, I'll just have it pull the news from this site. I'd need some people from Daily Paul to help me get everybody to use it, but this could be huge!

I think people

making Youtube videos stating honestly how the discovered Ron Paul are very nice. Last election we all stood on street corners waving signs to Google Ron Paul also I bought DVD's with Freedom to Fascism and other DVD's that were helpful and give them away to people to view. I just gave someone today a dvd "The Obama Deception" to view. This dvd was made BEFORE Obama was elected. If you live anywhere near an unemployment off or recruiting office it might be great to have stuff to hand out.

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@emp1211 - good to know, I

@emp1211 - good to know, I could see those coming in handy in certain situations and they're pretty cheap. id like to elaborate a little more on the flyer idea I had that might give it an edge over those though.

1) simple and to the point. something that will catch someones eyes and will give them a good amount of information within a few seconds of reading it while standing in line at the local post office (if they allow political flyers), coffee shop, pizza place, wherever.

2) something thats professional looking, but also free. i think a lot more people will be willing to put them up if all they have to do is print out a few copies and just post them up somewhere

3) its based on the idea that it will give those who see it more of an incentive to pay attention to him or even take time out of their day to look him up for themselves. however, they could also show his viewpoints, but something thats geared equally to both conservatives and liberals. a lot of his ideas have been creating a buzz with liberals from what i've seen, so it could be good to grab the attention of those who gave up on Obama and aren't too sure of where their vote will go.

@lostfaithinobama - i like that idea, i think people making their own materials from scratch would work since it doesn't involve anyone having to pay out for it. i love that there are flyers and ads we can buy off of RP's website, but this could help get those involved who don't want to purchase materials for whatever reason. Free=More Incentive, the more involved the better.

there's also a republican

there's also a republican presidential candidate quiz flyer that has the candidates voting records on it. i don't remember where that was though

The campaign has flyers (slim

The campaign has flyers (slim jims) on each of the issues; they tend to be geared towards traditional republican voters.

They're 5$ for a hundred pack


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I just posted a new forum

I just posted a new forum topic that's somewhat related, suggesting that home-made campaign signage might get more attention than pre-printed signs, and really highlight the grass-roots appeal of his campaign.

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