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Congressman Tim Johnson mentions Ron Paul

CF: Whom are you supporting in the race for Republican presidential nomination?

TJ: I’m still looking at al the candidates. I’m a close personal friend of Ron Paul, and I have a huge amount of respect for him. Ron Paul is the most principled man—or woman—who has ever run for office in America in my political lifetime. He is committed to a set of principles; he doesn’t deviate from those principles. His personal ethics are of the highest nature. Nobody has asked me to endorse them yet.

CF: I think Ron Paul is a mystery to many Americans. What’s he like? Do you go out to dinner with him and just talk?

TJ: Sure. He’s interesting, funny, extraordinarily bright, engaging—a fine human being. He’s a real workout fanatic. He’s in terrific shape. He’s the kind of guy who, if you tell him what you’re interested in, he probably knows something about it. He’s got an eclectic knowledge, and he’s able to talk about anything from sports to medicine—and everything in between.


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Very nice interview of the

Very nice interview of the guy. Guess he would probably endorse Ron if asked, but sounds like the kinda guy who would rather not be asked..lol

It's not surprising Ron Paul

It's not surprising Ron Paul is a renaissance man.

Awesome, having another

Awesome, having another congressman endorse Ron Paul would be huge for the campaign and essentially with those comments, it sounds like he would endorse him. I think Paul should ask him to endorse him now, so that it legitimizes Ron's campaign even more.