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Is this the real reason for the Iraq and Libyan intervention of the United States?

I ran across this video posted on a highly popular and frequented tech blog named Gizmodo by a fellow reader. The blog entry is titled "Libyan Rebels Hit with Scud Missile for First Time Ever". The video shown in that blog by this reader isn't really related to the event but it was actually about why the Government has intervened in Libya...and Iraq.

This was actually news to me - about Qaddafi and Saddam changing up their currency with the use of gold (good for them for trying but...) which would have (Saddam) or will have (Qaddafi) major implications to the US Dollar and the Euro. I thought it was all about oil...not currency and gold. So many looming questions have been answered just by viewing this short video but so many more questions have come to mind after watching this.

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