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WaPo: Paul "a marginal figure with untenable positions"

"The most ignored man in the presidential race isn’t Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), whose rabid followers have elevated a marginal figure with untenable positions to the front pages of newspapers."
- Jennifer Rubin


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Jennifer Rubin is a nobody

She should return her college political science degree ,we know she got a political hack degree because it was the easiest and most useless degree obtainable to call ones self "intellectual" .

after reading the article

and realizing it is a pro santorum (Dont even know how to spell his name, I am sure in the long run it doesnt matter) piece, since he is getting so much attention to paul maybe we should encourage this rather deluded woman.

Definition for

Definition for Santorum
Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum.

The Ron Paul campaign is out of sight come join the revolution it really is something other than else!

she needs to check her dictionary

An untenable position is a military term meaning that you can not stay where you are, you can not hold the line, you must change. Considering that Ron Paul has not changed in thirty years, and the reason why he has "rabid" followers is he holds the line, and he has held the line so well that he is actually changing the debate because of his rock solid position.

She just needs readshership and buzz like ole girl from Reason.

It's not like they actually care folks. She DOES want her bosses to see that she can generate feedback.

And that's simply why she did this.

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Jennifer Rubin is insufferably arrogant

and ignorant. they often so together don't they?

Of course I had to comment:

Forgive me for feeling a little rabid but I just returned home from Mr. Untenable's HQ opening in Concord NH. Musta been a thousand or more people. After his speech he stood signing all sorts of stuff, books, shirts, paper plates. That line was hundreds long. Quite a production and amazing energy for a man who turns 76 this weekend, especially considering it was just one of his campaign stops today. It raises the question, could Santorum (or Perry or Romney) keep up with Ron Paul?

Ron Paul will work extra hard for votes in New Hampshire. He's running his new TV ad here right now and a poll released today has him at 14%, well above Bachmann and far above Santorum. Another poll of Texas voters released today has Paul at 22%, Perry at 17%. Those voters know their governor wouldn't you say?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.