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FOX NEWS : Ron Paul continues to pop up in the polls - his supporters have a legit complaint

Thank you John Stewart and Jack Cafferty!



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reading between the lines...

I think she was trying to say neither of them are very electable, but if they're gonna cover Bachmann, they should probably cover Paul too. Whether she truly believes this is a different story, just seems like that's what she was getting at.

Of course I believe he's electable. And I think the media just gave Ron Paul the biggest boost of his campaign thus far. It's bad that this happens, but it garnered much more attention than if they had simply covered Ron Paul fairly over the weekend. This should be an interesting year.

Frickin' Dissers, The Switch Flickers

Always these "journalists" and dissing. What is with these people?? Man alive. You're right, read between the lines, but it's not as though any of us needed to. We know how to translate so well that their code language isn't code language. It's plain language to us. But to the people on the couch, boooy, watch out. The message was subtle, perhaps suuuublte enough to flick a switch in their brains that RP isn't all too electable. Frickin' dissers.

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ron paul has a legitimate complaint

that is all the time we have see you next time.

yah..looks like after she

yah..looks like after she said that, she was looking at an FEC supervisor off stage who said ."ya that is enough, u did fine".

yup yup yup!


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Don't forget 78% of those

Don't forget 78% of those polled were aged 45 and up...

78% of the people who vote

78% of the people who vote will also be 45 and up

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A short and precise video

that is music to my ears - thank you for posting!